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  1. It’s largely as I thought, and it is concerning as the apathy a lot of us feel has been borne out from what has now been the best part of two years of really poor football, poor leadership and poor signings. I genuinely hope that this is being put down by DC et al as a transition year, (maybe even two until we can clear a lot of the players out) but let’s be honest DC et al cannot and never will overtly tell us or the players that, as they need to keep players on side and fans in seats. I believe if the club were able to share the expected timelines, or even a bit of a plan then at the very least we would understand, even if we didn’t agree. It’s the hope that kills us.
  2. Been saying that for ages on this forum.
  3. What do you feel today? Sadly I feel the latter is becoming more prevalent, almost endemic and that’s so dangerous. Our club must hear our voice. p.s. no players responses are required, it’s quite clear where you voted given last nights abject performance.
  4. The problem is that for the players there are no ramifications for failure. Jet should be on a fucking treadmill and not let off until he is 2 stone lighter. Each and every player last night should be in from their days off watching last nights rerun again and again until they feel the abject shame they should feel. The coaches, who’s job it is to lead coach and mentor, what the hell are they actually doing. The manager, plays for the crowd but a complete lack of emotional intelligence, all Braveheart statements and no quantifiable evidence of actually doing his job to the required standard. All in all we are in a very very poor place, what is it 10 losses this season already, I get people talk about this year being a “transitional” one, by fuck if this is the direction of our transformation I am truly truly worried.
  5. Jack Ross is still available but after that Queens Park is probably looking a more attractive option.
  6. The fact of the matter is that he kept a player who is valued at circa £16m by the press very quiet, I remember a perfectly timed tackle in the second half. He is a superb asset and we should enjoy him while we can as there is an inevitability that he will play at the very top level in time.
  7. I really like that lad Regan Cook at Ross County. I know he is a loaner but if Hedge moves on could be a great option. Liked him long before tonight’s two goals also before anyone suggests that.
  8. Would be great business. Use some of the supposed money from the Hernandez sale and offer another three year extension. Let the lad continue to develop and the payback will come when any club has to offer significantly more given the length of his new extended contract with us. Great return on investment and we keep out best player for longer.
  9. Ok so I am in a minority of 1 but I rated Devlin highly when he was alongside McKenna and I still think he has the potential to be a very very good player.
  10. When he wins us the league that’ll be Dante’s Peak
  11. Minimum of £6m required for Ramsey and a chunky sell on fee also please. He’s worth every penny in todays market.
  12. Delighted for the team and management to get a bit of breathing space. Hope Calvin is not too bad as that lad is some talent. I assure you there will be half the premiership after him in January.
  13. £8m and 20% sell on minimum. Absolute star in the making, Tierney levels. everyone can see that.
  14. Can’t believe Christie is going for circa £1m. Sell Ferguson for £4m and BHH
  15. Agree fully. I was hyped waiting for him to sign and he is quality through and through. By far and away the best signing we have made in years.
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