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  1. I was really impressed with Hancock versus Buckie at the weekend. Think there could be a real player in there and McKenzies injury may well prove to be another McKenna versus Motherwell style opportunity.
  2. It would not surprise me to see two keepers coming in, and if we get the Ipswich boy and mcCrorie then we may allow Joe to move on.
  3. And thank god we have a board who now know market value and have no desire, nor need to accept silly lowball offers any more. I do think Ferguson will be sold and I do believe it will be close to that £3m mark.
  4. And all of that would be covered by the reputed £1m we get for McKennas clause in stepping up to the Premiership. I think this lad is going to be superb, appears to have very quick feet in getting early shots off. Very pleased and grateful for all the work our much maligned board are delivering.
  5. If we got those three I think we would have an extremely good team, even allowing for Ferguson and Ranirez most likely leaving
  6. I’m quietly impressed with the signings to date. Obviously we need to see how it all comes together but the targets appear to have been on the radar for a while and JG has articulated well what he needs and why he is recruiting who he is recruiting. Feels like we are going to have a much more solid spine, some gumption so to speak that was sadly missing from most of the players last year
  7. Wow. We are overly concerned that he can’t play three or four games against Celtic, so the hell what. He strikes me as a good young player who will give his all for JG and us, and that’s all that matters as and when he can pull on the red jersey. Welcome aboard Liam. Not too many left agile left centre halves floating around to my knowledge
  8. Remember a large chunk of us saw him at Fumbarton for the very first time just over what, 18 months ago superb deal and well done to the club set up in bringing him through. Best o luck Calvin
  9. No we are not, we are looking to optimise value with several suitors early in the transfer window.
  10. I said earlier and stand by it that there is no way on earth that Liverpool are the only team interested and the club are quite within their rights to optimise the fee. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Newcastle, Nottingham Forest, Brentford and several other premiership clubs interested. I also imagine that there will be several German clubs pitching in right now as this is exactly the model they employ, securing bright young talent, maturing and selling on for considerably higher fees later. Not a chance it’s only Liverpool who want Ramsay.
  11. Remember we only see and pass conjecture on what we know. I doubt very much that it’s only Liverpool talking to us about him, and for all we know there could be several interested clubs in the background driving a bidding war. All clubs use the same stats and most have done their homework, let’s wait and see…
  12. And we are absolutely within our rights to look for that figure plus for what is likely to be a once in a generation player. I am quite relaxed if we keep him another season as his value will only increase as he gets more game time, physically stronger and there will be many suitors, the extra £1m upfront could easily be recouped in a year as he adds value to himself, and we keep our best player for another year also.
  13. Where are you hearing that from? Move at risk?
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