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  1. What’s the bOy Johnny Russel up to, still in the states?
  2. I actually feel sorry for DC as it’s clear he has good intentions and he has invested a lot of his own money into our club, a club he clearly loves. Why I feel sorry for him is he has been so very badly let down this year, predominantly by his players but also via a misguided choice of manager in Glass. I am very nervous about JG also but do wonder if he has intentionally been brought in by DC with a. Clear remit of clearing the decks. All I ask is for transparency once the season ends as then at least we will begin to understand why on earth our once so proud club is at the absolute bottom of the pit right now.
  3. Look we have to stop using the line that this is not Goodwins team, while true when you are recruiting and paying compensation for a new manager you have every right to expect a positive impact on those players that are already there. I would also like to hear from those purported to be our players, where is your drive and sincerity to come out and humbly apologise for the dross you have been serving up all season. We have serious issues in the club right now, and it seems at all levels and genuinely, and sadly I cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. We deserve some fucking answers to this shower of shit. JG must take some responsibility and standup and actually start telling us the truth. I don’t care how bad the truth is but for fucks sake give us something to hold onto for next season. We are what 50 odd points behind Celtic, fucking disgrace.
  5. He’d better not have or that is the club taking the piss out of us fans completely.
  6. I did and still working the hours!
  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if we are in for the Livi keeper also, potentially as back up to the lad at Ipswich.
  8. Happened to me booking a hotel for Silverstone this year so shit happens. Can just imagine the sums being done now in hundome “Errrm luv how much is £2100 divided by our income support and child allowance money. Aw for fucks sake going to have to ration the Buckie for a few years”
  9. Well he’s off as he is tired. I’m fucking tired having just worked a 12 hour day and I won’t get a few days off because I’m tired. We the fans are tired of watching shit football all year, does that mean we can just stop supporting or for for the better fans than me that they get a refund on their season tickets for not turning up because they are “tired” of watching the pathetic lacklustre performances all season.
  10. That would in fact be terrific if not on the wind up!
  11. If this is true then that’s a superb piece of business by all at AFC. I posted earlier this morning that £7m should be where we were pitching at but if, and it’s a big if this deal is as stated by other users then superb result.
  12. If Liverpool won’t cough up Leeds will
  13. I stand by my position we should be going for c£7m. Rationale is. He goes to somewhere like Leeds for say £3m, gets sold three years later for £20m with us having a sell on fee of 20%, voilà total income to us of £7m. Opportunity for a future sell on with Liverpool is significantly less as already performing for one of the worlds top clubs therefore we should be looking to offset his true and total lifetime value at this juncture.
  14. As long as it’s at least double the £3m price being quoted! Should be £7m minimum.
  15. What about that lad Joseph Hungbo that was previously on loan at Ross County from Watford?
  16. Interesting to see if Adam gets a retrospective ban for his swan lake impression at the weekend. It’s made even more of a laughing stock of Scottish Football.
  17. I have absolutely no confidence in that at all.
  18. 100%. An absolute shambles and 90% of them should never be seen in an Aberdeen shirt again after this season. They should be going low for the next few weeks and having a long hard look at themselves. Professional footballers. You are having a fucking laugh. Oh and Goodwin, maybe you would like to take the post match interview as an opportunity to articulate what you have actually done since joining, Because I can’t see any evidence of anything remotely constructive.
  19. No our shit team and poor management had cost us the game. No excuses any more.
  20. And what the fuck is our manager bringing to this team. I was and would have expected yes a lot lot more than this.
  21. This team right now is a fucking disgrace. 9 of this team can just leave right now.
  22. I actually understand the strategy now. We have to pay less for VAR as it’s going to be allocated on league finishing position. Bankrupt the likes of Ross County and Motherwell and now less competition for places. Masterstroke
  23. Every Aberdeen fan has a right to criticise whether they were at the game or not. Stop being so self righteous.
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