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  1. OMG. I actually agree here. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Also, think he'd make a good coach. You'll always get good shot stoppers, it's instinctual and I'm not sure how much of that you can teach. Bit Joe used to be so commanding of his area and caught everything. That you can teach
  2. Just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger
  3. Genuinely don't understand the praise as it doesn't look like you've disclosed anything on here. As I said though I'm big enough to admit if I'm wrong and will apologise but I haven't seen any posts that suggest otherwise. You even took credit for Stewart when 2 others posted before you
  4. I don't think playing on the shoulder would work for us. We tend to have a lot of possession and teams sit deep happy knowing we can do fuck all to hurt them. Player like that would be good on the counter though
  5. We can loan him to Saturday Night Takeaway next time Ant gets drunk
  6. Thanks, means a lot. I shall refrain from launching a volley of abuse at you. But as your attorney I'd advise you to rent a fast car should you ever do it again
  7. Can imagine it would be a long thought out decision when weighing up his offers from man utd and St johnstone
  8. Comes on the last couple of mins of cup final to say his farewells and then signs a new contract. Absolute fud of the highest order and from what I've heard a horrible cunt too
  9. It's a reference to peep show, which is funny
  10. I think his form took a nose dive when he was made captain and we started fannying about at the back. He's always been a good shot stopper (although getting a lot more howlers than we used to) and has always commanded the penalty box well. Tends to catch a lot of crosses rather than punch them away like a wee shite bag. If we're passing out from the back again next season, hopefully it's with more purpose than what Gallagher and Ramos did. And that should hopefully ease the pressure on Joe
  11. At least it's confirmed he can jump. Hopefully see him jump for a few headers next season and not duck under the ball
  12. Who laughed at that FFS... Conway or Davenport signing tonight then?
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