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  1. https://apple.news/ADiH3ZorQQTiR5IfUwd9UOQ leeds favourite 5.1m
  2. Have been before the grammar police get involved
  3. How many of that team would be have allowed to wave the Gothenburg team off down the Merkland Rd
  4. Probably managed to get a cheep flight with going a week early
  5. For a fan base that sings Stand Free that’s pathetic, hatred for the huns has nothing to do with religion
  6. Least Andy Richie doesn’t play for them any longer, even in our pomp he fk us constantly
  7. Don’t get why you want Ferguson gone?
  8. We’re are you seeing he’s signed a contract extension or am I being wooshed
  9. Get glass to f, he is so out of his depth an embarrassment to AFC
  10. Glad he’s putting the pressure on the referee, might get a couple of dubious calls going our way
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