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  1. The news that we paid £300,000 for Richardson must have passed me by. I had assumed he was a free. He was out of his depth against Peterhead and needs to be binned immediately. Roos seems to be Langfield mark 2 and should be the back up keeper from here in. No-one in the team had a game to be proud of but hopefully it was a blip.
  2. Got my refund today, no explanation as yet.
  3. We once played Aberdeen University in the Aberdeenshire cup at Kings College within sight of the floodlights at Pittodrie.
  4. My Red TV subscription expires on 26th September but today a payment was taken from my card of £62.37 being the annual sub of £79.99 less £17.62 for the period between now and the renewal date. Has anyone else been hit by this?
  5. Anagram of A clear Hun (nearly)
  6. I wish. My first game was September 1967.
  7. No. On a points per league game (using three points for a win) there have been 13 poorer seasons. Worst in living memory? Again no, four of these seasons were more than 100 years ago and six had a measure of cup success notably 1999/2000 with two finals reached and even Steve Paterson got us into two quarter finals in 2003/04. That leaves three contenders plus the season just ended for the title of worst in living memory. 1948/49 just squeaks in, anyone who witnessed that will be in their eighties or nineties. Seven wins from thirty league games, didn't qualify from league cup group and out in first round of the cup. 1998/99 under the guidance of Alex Miller and then Paul Hegarty. Ten wins from thirty six league games, out of the League cup in first round at home to Livingston then in the third tier and out in the second round of the cup. 2009/10 which was Mark McGhee's first season. Ten wins from thirty eight league games, out in the first round of the league cup and out in the second round of the cup at Pittodrie to Raith Rovers of the second tier plus losing 8-1 in the first round of the Europa League. Being subjective I would say that each of those three seasons were worse than the one just ended. So Mr Chairman you have presided over Aberdeen's fourth worst season in living memory. Room for improvement?
  8. I was at a Granite City Reds quiz night in the Ashvale some years ago. Craig Brown was the guest of honour and was very fulsome in his praise of Craig Storie who was our young POTY and predicted a great future for him. Shows how much he knows.
  9. Cormack as a businessman might have one eye on a play-off. A sold out Pittodrie and TV money for both legs.
  10. I think 5 points will be enough to finish above St Johnstone but if we play as we did yesterday it is difficult to see where they are coming from.
  11. I think Cormack has been Stateside too long and equates reaching the play offs with success.
  12. If we win it's likely we will be in the top six but primarily for me the three points are required to keep the gap over St Johnstone and avoid getting reeled into the play off. You might think we would prevail in a two leg contest with Inverness or Arbroath or whoever but I wouldn't want to put it to the test.
  13. According to the two Sunday papers I read the attendance was only 678
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