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  1. Don Fonte


    Have you been drinking?
  2. Your best post in a while min. Keep it up and you might make top ten POTY this year.
  3. Don Fonte


    Yer pooosy
  4. Had a lie in. Got covid vaccine. (Second) Lunch and pints. El vino. Dons game. Shag a dirty. Early night.
  5. Don Fonte


    The more I read your posts on this the more I think you're just jealous you couldn't get furlough. You'd have loved sitting on your arse all day and getting paid for it you workshy cunt.
  6. Currently enjoying RnR with an acquaintance. Terrific
  7. Never upset my weegie/Alness friend.
  8. Don Fonte


    @manboobs109 has a gender neutral child. Oh dear.
  9. Did you read the post min? Also having lunch/pints with a mate I've not seen in a while. Worthy of a holiday day from work iyam.
  10. Don Fonte


    Avoid a mirror then. You're both bald and poofy you prick.
  11. I'll get the thread going... This slut plays for the Yanks birds football.
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