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  1. What a fucking place. The good old days.
  2. That's really lovely. I salute you.
  3. Not sure I've ever been offended in my life tbh. Just post photos of Durrant diving and I'll love you again.
  4. Haste, or hate? Just a bit of craic tbh, you said naw (a weegieism), I went for that. Then just a bit of verbals. upload images
  5. Because you're a seasoned breakfast chef sunshine.
  6. Aye ok. Away and cook me an omelette you prick. Egg whites only. Chop chop.
  7. Between that and the goggley eyes I'm not quite sure what to think of him. Need to see some pics of his missus to decide.
  8. Don Fonte

    Pet Hates

    Must have fair saggy and droopy milkers after the weight loss. Still would.
  9. And you also fuck off with your weegieisms. Both as bloody bad as each other. Pricks.
  10. Pathetic. 'im off it' Piling bugel up your beak by 9.30pm Saturday is my guess.
  11. As big a miscarriage of justice as Davie Truscott being banged up. Free Davie Truscott.
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