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  1. What a heap of pish. Away and shit your pants you daft cunt.
  2. 1903Fitba

    Next Dog

    Do they fuck. Laziest dogs going. Hungarian visla or a Staffy Bull, both sound as fuck dogs.
  3. Sterling is a class above every other player in their squad.
  4. You’ve done a shite job of parenting if your 16 year old is sending nudes to Griffiths ffs.
  5. Love ready steady cook
  6. Best post on this board in years. Thank fuck I’m English.
  7. Thank fuck. I’ll take it. Score more the pair of you.
  8. He’s fucking wank. This game was done as soon as him and Mcgreggor were in the starting 11.
  9. Jon Gallagher (same age) had played more games (and at a higher standard) than this lad prior to signing for us. There’s my research. He’ll be shite.
  10. Aye I’m sure that’d go well you fucking pellet.
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