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  1. @Poodler’S boyfriend and some dalmore.
  2. 4-1 Aberdeen. Ramirez x 2 Ferguson Hedges What a bounce.
  3. What in the absolute fuck did I just read? Jesus Christ
  4. Don’t get this. Sacking him = owning up to your mistakes and taking it on the chin. Takes a real man. For that reason there’s fucking Bob hope we’ll sack him.
  5. Backed us at 11/2. Massive price, also a sign I have a gambling addition and need to seek help.
  6. 1903Fitba

    Pet Hates

    Lost Highway is about his only good song
  7. “I’ve been asked to prepare a few lines and not for the first time..” Bloodbath.
  8. Writing a best man speech. Tempted to just wing it, however I’ll be rubbered and her side of the family are very well to do. Melt downs incoming.
  9. Ross was appointed in 2019 wasn’t he? Don’t think you can blame Cormack for not bringing him in when he wasn’t even at our club. Bam
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