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  1. Please delete your account as soon as possible.
  2. Just cause you have a son doesn’t mean you’ve had sex. Have you never read the bible?
  3. Have you ever put your penis inside a woman?
  4. Posters like RedJohn and Shoofta make me laugh when I know I shouldn’t. Complete lunatics but wind up people more than they should.
  5. Raising a hun is worse than raising a mass murderer. Don’t know how people look themselves in the mirror knowing they’ve failed their children so much.
  6. Looks like a dog chasing a balloon when he’s playing football. Not surprised with a Mrs like that
  7. 1903Fitba

    In the News

    After reading the last two pages I wish you were all aborted. Dire
  8. Madri 4 x 440ml cans. £5.00 Muchos lovely
  9. “Dear Anthony, Remember Crewe. You always strike me as a slightly shy home boy the familiarity of family, church, friends can not be underestimated. Aberdeen is a long way from home. Everybody at Adams Park from Dobbo all the way to the kids sitting in the family stand have loved you for the longest time. Always have, always will. In fact you now inherit the on field Mr Wycombe mantle. Yes the money may be better across the border and who wouldn’t want to play at Celtic Park and Ibrox but the days up there are short, the granite city is foreboding, the wind and rain whip in off the North Sea and a fried mars bar is hardly soul food! Have a chat with Jack Grimmer where he would rather be and he has roots at Pittodrie. Thank you for some great performances in the quarters, here’s to many more…..” Ive found their version of BHL.
  10. Nobble? What in the fuck does that mean? I hope you get nobbled by a bin lorry you daft bastard.
  11. 5’10” Played the majority of his football in League 1 & 2 30 in September Calling it now, bomb scare.
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