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  1. Called JET being shite months ago. Poor mans Calvin Zola. As per usual the FM Virgins tried to tell me otherwise.
  2. 1903Fitba

    Pet Hates

    Is your car low? Mines pretty low down, looks like every cunt has them on at night, realised not long after it’s because I’m at head height with most SUVs etc so I’ve just been giving random people abuse for nothing. Standard
  3. This part of your post is absolutely beautiful. Have a great weekend, you deserve it.
  4. I often get Parklife and KSL confused for the very same reason.
  5. State of your hairline, ffs.
  6. More of a Daily Mail bloke I’d have thought.
  7. I used to know a boy who said he fisted one of the Venga boys (bloke on bloke) Got arrested for assaulting some bloke pumping his boyfriend for crack cocaine. Always high as a kite. Strikes me as someone who Poodler would knock about with.
  8. Send me pics of your wife please.
  9. Times like this I realise my life isn’t that bad after all. Go outside and get yourself a ride ffs.
  10. James Wilson MK2. Probably has some ability, but has less brain cells than testicles. Very dormant look about him imo. Not right. Bin ASAP.
  11. Northfields finest slaying the hun filth. Inject it.
  12. Proper mouth breather with a terrible underbite. His Mum and Dad are probably blood relatives.
  13. You’re right. He can cope with Curtis Main, no reason why he couldn’t shut down Sterling/Ronaldos of that league.
  14. I’ve got a cheap version of the Webber kettle. Done ribs/pork belly etc etc but never bothered with bigger/thicker cuts of meat. BBQ is a bit fucked, too many gaps and fucked vents, temperature management is hard. I need to invest in thermometers etc - at which point I’m thinking I may as well just spend money on something decent in the first place. Will have a scan of that group - essentially want something I can do standard family BBQs with or sit for 6-8 hours drinking while something is smoking then have something decent to eat at the end of it Put some pics of your meat up next time you get it out
  15. I like the look of the Masterbuilt Gravity fed ones. So charcoal, which is a bit of an all rounder. Cheapest is about £550 which is a wedge to spend on something I’ll potentially use once/twice a year
  16. Any of you lot ever spent decent money on a BBQ? Seen some decent deals, half tempted to get one in preparation for summer/before they hike the prices
  17. 1903Fitba

    In The News

    Surely he had something on him that he was able to bin during the chase? Not having it that you’d just see some pigs and decide to flee. Probably on a come down and had £100 of coke on him then shit it.
  18. I guess that’s what happens when two of the three centre halves are actually midfielders
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