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  1. Bit harsh on @Dad that......
  2. How apt that the old racist is broon breid
  3. Quality thread including an MT doing! Brilliant i quite liked the DUTD Scottish Cup 4th round game at Pittodrie in 93 Got pished made a load of noise in the South Stand, wound up Alan Main and he joined in top lad, Bowman got spat on for being a cunt, minging! Then got on TV at half time!
  4. Now you’re just being silly, no way can the Friday Game be stopped......
  5. The wee wins sometimes mean more.....especially after a shit run! not working at the hotel anymore so no easy computer access. Driving job means waiting for Hat to load on my phone at lunch is shitty
  6. But it’s two sweaty semi naked men pounding each other...........
  7. Twins are fine loon thanks for your concern too busy working and watching the boys lately and Top Don baby three arrives soon........ffs
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