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  1. JET’s hinting on Twitter that the new away kit will be formally unveiled today
  2. Would agree that Lewis, McCrorie and Considine could probably all have done a bit better at the goal. McCrorie missing the interception, Considine letting the boy cut inside, and Lewis offering him a lot of the goal to aim for. Harsh on Ojo, he played ok. Combined some great runs in behind with some basic errors. Could be hope there’s a player in there somewhere.
  3. Seen a photo of him at one of the goals. Just offering half the goal to the striker to slot the ball home. Hope he’s their number 1 this season. He’s useless. Genuinely could go down to Hazlehead or Sheddocksley at the weekends and get a better keeper from there.
  4. Might look better if the picture wasn’t so blurry
  5. We were constantly told we couldn't do better than McInnes by the media. Glass came in and even in his few games before the end of last season took a team who'd went 9/10(?) games without scoring and had us playing better overnight. IF (big if) we can churn out performances and results like last night on a regular basis, that's only going to show that the job McInnes was doing here clearly wasn't as great as was being made out. That will hurt his already sliding reputation a bit more I reckon.
  6. Agreed. There are bound to be games where our forward play isn't going to click as well as it did last night, but after the years of eye bleeding shite under McInnes I'll happily take it.
  7. Aye Glass got everything spot on last night. And not just the tactics for the match, the much doubted pre-season schedule obviously has been better than most of us thought. 10/10 for him last night.
  8. I wouldn’t be making too many changes. Give the core starting 11 a run of games to (hopefully) get some momentum going, then swap out a player or 2 here and there when we have the chance.
  9. That was dirty on Ferguson there. Brown and Ferguson is not a midfield I’d want to be getting on the wrong side of. Neither would think twice about getting their own back on you.
  10. Hopefully nothing serious for our new best player, Funso (the) King Ojo
  11. Glad to hear Cormack saying our transfer business maybe isn’t totally done like Glass was suggesting
  12. A disgrace that Ramsay never really got a chance under McInnes. He’s clearly good enough to be getting plenty game time.
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