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  1. Is Montgomery a defender? Couldn't really tell when he was here. He barely looked like a footballer at all. Miss control a simple pass, cut inside with the ball, fall over / get tackled. All he ever did. Hopeless.
  2. It would take decades to pay off redeveloping Pittodrie. Longer probably, seeing as we wouldn't be pocketing the £10-15m for selling the land.
  3. Away down to Fleetwood to try and win a deal. Scott Brown in charge down there of course. Not sure what he'd have seen in Devlin during his time here, other than him lying on the physio table.
  4. Playing beside an absolute bombscare in Bates won’t have helped him, but he appeared to be yet another player who just turned up here and thought he’d coast his way through his time here. Really refreshing to see Goodwin has no time for wasters like that.
  5. The worth a look one is where it should be. The answer will still be no
  6. Is Ritchie not just back from some sort of serious injury?
  7. 1x Dons home top 1x Dons away top
  8. We have done well with Adidas. We have had some lovely kits the past few years
  9. That home kit is a sexy bastard of a thing
  10. He’s a good player but he’s made it pretty clear he wants to move on. We should be cashing in on him now while he still holds a bit of value. If we can sell him and bring in Ronan and McGrath with the money made then it’s an improvement on the squad as a whole.
  11. Fergie out and those 2 in and we are looking so much better all of a sudden
  12. He’s got another year in him. Goodwin said in one of his interviews he’s still one of the fastest and fittest in the squad. I’m all for replacing him if we can, but we’ve a lot to sort this summer. Will be surprised if we manage to sort everything in one go. And I don’t think MacKenzie is good enough either.
  13. Why would we want to do that? He’s pish
  14. I think this formation would suit us well (if Richardson is any good and Ferguson goes) Lewis McCrorie Stewart Scales Richardson Barron Ramandani Hayes Besuijen Ramirez Miovski I know we won’t be playing this formation, Goodwin said we’ll be 4 at the back, but on paper it looks like it could work.
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