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  1. No more sparse than we were with him. Ojo was getting played there ahead of him anyway
  2. “You’ll be surprised at his quality” Glass said (may not be the exact words but close enough). Most of us assumed he’d be completely pish but probably thought he’d be here the whole season, so I guess him being even worse than we all thought he would be, to the point he’s been binned already, is a bit of a surprise.
  3. Oh aye was forgetting about him.3 out of 4 is still pretty abysmal going though. Reynolds to Cove is a good signing for them.
  4. Is that now all our loan signings from summer binned early?
  5. Aye he’s played full back, wing back, centre mid and left mid for us so far? That’s never going to help someone of his limited ability. We should be able to dispose of a league 2 side while giving some of our usual subs a run out. McGeouch, McLennan, JET, Gallagher etc. The type of game we should have been able to rest Ramirez for, but we don’t have any other forwards…
  6. If they haven’t been to watch him earlier in the season they’ll have been wandering what all the fuss is about watching him last night. Wasn’t his best game.
  7. Jenks started the game well. Playing the furthest forward of the centre mids seemed to suit him more. Didn’t think he was as effective in the second half
  8. Just back. What the fuck were the police doing on merkland road before the game? Funnelled everyone together to the point we could barely move then complained at everyone for not moving. Arseholes. Frustrating game. We battled well without showing a great deal of quality most of the game. Thought everyone was pretty average. Bar Ojo - was going to give him some leeway since he was played left wing, but he couldn’t even do the basics. Almost cost us a goal with a poor pass back, and could have cost us another when he inexplicably played a simple layoff to Bates about 20ft in the air instead. Ramsay clearly wasn’t fit either. Good save by Lewis as well from the Morelos volley. Clancy is an absolutely useless cunt, to the point he even had the hun fans calling him a fenian despite that ridiculous decision with McGregor/Hedges.
  9. If we haven’t recouped the full amount he was bought for then the ridiculousness of this deal continues to become even worse
  10. His career is shocking. Never stayed for more than a single season at any of his 16 clubs (if wiki is accurate)
  11. Wiki says Grassi is still in Aberdeen as player-manager of Byron Boys Club. That can’t be right?
  12. Not only does he officiate like a fuckwit, but he looks like one as well
  13. It seems as though Cormack thought Atlanta’s fringe players would be good enough to come and do a job here. Glass must have thought the same. They were both very wrong. And the other signings they’ve made pretty much confirm they are a terrible judge of quality.
  14. Interesting to see that our strategic partnership doesn't seem to be viewed any better over there than it is over here. Just seems to be an excuse for Cormack to talk to everyone about how we're trying to be different (but not confused...). On the pitch Ramirez would be the only good thing we've seen come about from this partnership (if Atlanta recommended him to us). Gallagher, Gurr and Hernandez all woeful and Glass could probably be put in that bracket as well.
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