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  1. Correct.'Statistics are like mini-skirts,they give you good ideas ,but hide the most important things' .My personal favourite was always 'The operation was a success,but the patient died.'
  2. Objection sustained.Tommy is the winner
  3. First Aberdeen manager Jimmy Philip lived here at 13 Erskine Street.It was a part-time post at Pittodrie and he was a wood-turner to trade .
  4. It was glossed over as we still hoped for the Europa League group stages millions,but the decision to field a below full strength team at Raith Rovers in the League Cup that Sunday lunchtime in August was very badly judged.Nevet been quite the same since .
  5. That game was on a Tuesday night.It was the tradition of a Saturday afternoon Reserve game at Pittodrie I was light heartedly alluding to.
  6. For the first time in living memory a non first team fixture will take place at Pittodrie on a Saturday afternoon this weekend.The Aberdeen B team host Arbroath in the SPFL Trust Trophy challenge cup.It is a good decision and I hope there is a healthy turn out to cheer on the Young Dons.
  7. Thanks,I thought that might be the case.
  8. Dean Campbell called into Scotland U21s today for Turkey match.Good to see.
  9. Will David Bates come straight into the team or is it too soon having just arrived this weekend.I think he could be a significant player.Andy Considine is going to be missed,he is a leader and organiser in defence.Declan Gallagher strikes me as a player who is great for small clubs like Livingston and Motherwell ,but is he a fit for Aberdeen.Ross McCrorie fine footballer and enthusiastic,not a centre half.Willie Miller has said as much several times and I think he is right.Today is an ideal match to have,Malky Mackay and Ross County remind me of Allan Stubbs and St Mirren a few years ago.Full of unrecognisable players and relegation material.Qarabeg was a sobering lesson on Thursday and I hope we get a good morale boosting win today.
  10. The centre half we might be looking for .Ex-Rangers David Bates signs in three year deal from Hamburg.
  11. Agree Some players like Russell Anderson and Andy Considine gradually won the fans over.Kevin McNaughton just came into the team and was a touch of class from day one.
  12. Not recent,but what about Stephen Glass himself ! Sporadic appearances 1994-95 season of struggle.Had had a handful of games, mainly as a sub.Finally given his head in the play-off matches with Dunfermline and was superb.
  13. Thanks for that RUL,always great to hear of victories over Rangers whatever the level.The programme for the Dundee United match had good potted biographies and pictures of the best u16 footballers coming through the Dons Academy.Aberdeen have always produced excellent homegrown players.Stepheb Glass himself a perfect example, and nice to hear Scott Brown there watching the game The young players will notice and appreciate that.
  14. Spot on starryfish.The Bavidge football name continues. Martin Bavidge was still playing often for East End Juniors before the first lockdown.He was maybe not the most mobile,but his skill and touch still stood out.Like RUL says there are high hopes for young Alfie Bavidge in the Aberdeen youth set-up.
  15. Kevin Hanratty and Tyler Mykyta have both joined Formattine United on loan and both scored in 4-1 win at Pitmedden against Forres Mechanics The pair will benefit from games in the Highland League.
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