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  1. Boxes of Quality street. (A sweetener when no quality signings are announced. ).
  2. What the f———k does it matter if he’s an ex hun or an ex nun. There’s a few full hun worshipers still in the dons team. If he’s good enough get him in. Plus Cormack and glass need to up the tempo and get mcgarth signed up, then gazump hibs and get mouler signed up.
  3. Great Result,( James Brown, Ah Feel Good. So Good. ) Well done Aberdeen.
  4. That’s Mcinnes in plaster luring Accident and Emergency’s to sign for the dons.
  5. The big question is, who is really interested in him and prepared to stump up the money Aberdeen want. He’s here for the whole of next season.
  6. The ship only needs one captain. Lewis should never have been made Captain. Mcinnes to fault on that one. (A Bribe.). A sweetener what ever you want to call it. Brown do your stuff and kick ass.
  7. Come on Red John look at the super signings Cormack promised he’s a man of his word. Wait until the euro game is over.
  8. I’d rather they dirtied the oppositions sheet, by hitting the back of the net.
  9. Jesus. He’s the only one that does miracles , if the whole team get down on their knees to him for help, instead of taking the one knee for BLM instead of ALM, then who knows, miracles happen.
  10. So nothings changed from last season 0-0 . The hot shots failed to score.
  11. Nope I read the Scottish Natzi Party Manifesto.
  12. Don’t tell me Meghan is this your baby boy grown up. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess the plug between your legs when you gave birth.
  13. Shut Up Meghan the rat , go play with prince Ginger wimp Harry boy the other rat.
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