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  1. And you would have been left with the same bunch of wankers next season. Led by a wimp. Take a Valium.
  2. Not yet they ain’t. It isn’t over until it’s over. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Goodwins the only one that has had the balls to call it as it is. And that was total clear out. Mcinnes and Glass along with Colgate Teeth were and are gutless, that’s the reason Aberdeen are 3 rd from bottom.
  4. And the muppets who call themselves Directors and Chairman Have sat on their fat asses and watched the debacle take place , and did jack shit. Not only a player clear out but a refining fire through pittodrie, and once that happens and the ashes settle only then will you see regrowth.
  5. Who signed him, and who allowed the one who signed him to sign him. The Atlanta brothers.
  6. Betty stick to reading the Dandy and Beano and playing for the girl guides.You havnt the brains to read or understand the bible.
  7. Can you blame her, ??? the council is turning the city into a dump.
  8. Has he signed for the BEATLES yet.!!!!!!!!!!
  9. What about Aberdeen saying you Liverpool if you want Ramsay double the 4 million plus add ons , if not Koop off.
  10. Plus at the moment Aberdeen city centre is like Beruit.
  11. Are you a depression therapist now.
  12. Hey DODDIE if I’m a hun you sound like a cream bun, soft in the head with crap running out the side of your brain, your ears. Stick your tickling stick up where the sun don’t shine. YOU’D “. OUTING. Now that sounds like a F——G HUN.
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