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  1. It would help if the forwards were capable of putting the ball in the oppositions net.
  2. Reason ,their never off their backsides on the pitch, their legs and feet don’t know the way to goal. The back takes all the flack.
  3. It’s an absolute joke the team glass has put together, that havnt won a game in the last 7.
  4. Glass Cormack take a look at hibs thrashing Dundee United, by putting the ball in a thing called the back of the net , which is non existent in your teams thoughts and yours glass.
  5. Bang on bud, 7 misses to Aberdeen to one scored by St Mirren.
  6. But would a continental manager want to manage a team in the championship next season. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Neil Lennon being lined up to work miracles when the Dons hit bottom.
  8. Glass will still be waiting until next year for a win. Thousands of supporters Mr Glass and Cormack won’t wait.
  9. Knocked out of Europe, again. Knocked out of the league cup by raith. No wins in 6 games. What’s to be happy about. Only the happy clapper brigade that loves a hammering and supports losers.
  10. If it’s like his usual goal then his goal is to miss.
  11. English women’s football has overtaken the Scottish game.!!!!!!!!!! What does that tell you the Scottish game is crap run by a bunch of mafiosa from Gorbal land. There’s just a big lack of real talent in Scotland and has been for years. The Scottish game is the same as the idiots who supposedly run the country, they run around without a clue. Clueless,
  12. Well you seem to know what it’s all about, as well as cutting horses heads off.
  13. Typical language from a mafia boss. Disgusting.
  14. Wasn’t Russel signed from the England super team to teach these numpties how to score goals. He’s not having great success.
  15. The new beach stadium then will be the biggest and best in the highland league.
  16. If this keeps up it just won’t be the bottom 6 it will be bottom of the bottom 6.
  17. Piss off, corleone remember the horses head in the bed. Now piss off happy clapper.
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