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  1. Seen worst Bryan Gunn lasted one game in charge at Norwich and that was the first game of the season.
  2. First game after this comes into effect is Celtic at home. Least it is on tv for those not double jabbed
  3. St Johnstone 0 huns 3 celtic 4 Ross County 0 Dundee 2Livingston 1 Motherwell 1 Aberdeen 2 St Mirren 1 Dundee Utd 1 Hearts 1Hibs 1
  4. Aberdeen 2-1 Qarabag Dundee United 0-0Hearts Hibs 3-1 Livingston Motherwell 0-2 Dundee Sevco 2-2 Celtic Aberdeen 3-0 Ross County St Mirren 1-2 St Johnstone
  5. Another time Paterson would have had more chance of being successful. Came here with demons and not long after the sky deal ended and the SPL tv deal coming to nothing. was also told to cut wages hence the reason the dross he brought in
  6. Pay card at Riley’s and legends for a pool table so you better boycott there too
  7. Did he play in the semi when we we got smashed from Motherwell
  8. Couldn’t remember if it was him or someone who had disappeared into obscurity! same Q&A he promised good things from Main
  9. Was a player Mciness was banging on about the start the 2019-20 season as the next best thing during the Q&A in 2019. Couldn’t be on the bench for a European game as was only 15 or 16 at the time. Was that Ramsay? Can’t remember who it was now
  10. Simple, going cost a fortune for families to go currently in the last week of school holidays where A lot of activities and money all ready spent Keeping the kids entertained the last 6 weeks. ok for young lads going with mates without any real responsibilities
  11. Have you looked back your notes when you were greeting when they kicked you out the RDS upper?
  12. Same boy who appears at all the darts events on tv too?
  13. Doesn’t say what he’s thanking them for. The guys are holding an Aberdeen shirt. Could be one his pals or sponsor him or side business
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