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  1. A flag day loss to the minks at parkhead, and a home pumping of a 10-man St. Mirren side probably make this game our first chance to really get an idea of our capabilities this season. Van Veen is a prick. Hope someone wipes him out nice and early. Motherwell are sticky bastards when they come to Aberdeen, but I'm saying 2-0 - Bojan and Vinnie (his first dons goal was at Fir park aye?)
  2. https://youtu.be/tLTAle30HOI Sorry if already posted, cba looking - nippy player and can finish, looking forward to seeing how he gets on in our vastly superior league
  3. McPhee123

    Pet Hates

    Pet hate... people who call stuff "hacks" "Food Hack" - it's a recipe you prick "Job Interview hack" - social skills etc etc
  4. Before kickoff we knew this could be the outcome and prepared to move on from it... still hurts but we move on. Definitely not saying "we move" because it makes me cringe
  5. Some hit that. Polvara is pish though. Get rid
  6. We've looked suspect from corners all pre-season, difference is there was quality to take advantage. I see all the chat about this game being a free hit is gone... as long as this isn't a pumping my bed will be shitless. That being said, we've offered absolutely nothing so far, awful stuff.
  7. Although, bloody hell you'd think it was Celtic TV with the little highlight reel there ffs
  8. Nice to have non -celtic TV - top link is Sky, winner
  9. We don't "need" anything from this game other than 100% intent and effort from our players.
  10. We looked a bit sluggish/sloppy yesterday, but there will be a mentality shift from a game that we didn't really need to win against an opposition we know aren't as good as us, to a season opener against the best team in Scotland. Hope they are fired up enough for it to make a difference. But if we get humped, can't let it affect them too much. 4 games to follow could be 12 points, plus a win at Annan.
  11. Can someone tell me - the NFC ticket thing, does it come with a QR code or anything? NFC on my phone is fkd but if I can scan a QR I'll be fine
  12. McPhee123


    Can you explain why it's such a certainty that a more pathogenic strain will become dominant? I don't see any evidence to support that claim, quite the opposite when you look at the history of viral outbreaks.
  13. You think big companies disregarding human well-being for the sake of profit is a conspiracy theory?
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