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  1. What made you think this thread was the correct one to pose this question
  2. Swear all boys that come through dons academy are injury prone. Jack, Fraser, Wright, MacKenzie, Ramsay. McKenna to an extent as well.
  3. Should be a genuine question to any championship club who come calling, how much they’d offer for Allan Campbell, I bet it’s 4 or 5 million, and quote them the same for Ferguson (who plays ahead of Campbell for scotland bear in mind)
  4. Millwall bought some boy (who will be of inferior quality) for 2 million, so that’ll be the end of the Ferguson interest
  5. Should start singing this at games
  6. You’re right, the wage agreed will probably be similar to what we offered. They get circa 10k average attendance so slightly less than. Better exposure with a mid table eredivisie team to be honest though. Reckon it would’ve been a tight call for the lad overall, could’ve gone either way.
  7. Mcinnes and his gentleman’s agreements, glad we’ve seen the back of them.
  8. No way we should be paying more than 300k for scales. It’s obviously a transfer that’s not worked out given the amount of game time he’s received.
  9. Wouldn’t imagine Sparta Rotterdam could offer more wages than us, smaller club as well. Guess Rotterdam is a cooler city. Rreckon we would’ve pulled out once it became evident we were getting miovski , leaving lauritsen with only one option.
  10. Yeh possibly need ronan and McGrath to be honest
  11. JET, fuck me what an awful signing he was, had just about erased him from my mind
  12. Fergusons our best player, no two ways about it, he scored 16 goals last season, wouldn't exactly call that a dip in form? The key information you're missing here is the transfer request, his dad being an utter fool about the Watford bid and slating Aberdeen at every turn but yeh its all on the fans, and also him going to seville to support rangers.
  13. I like cormack, he got glass spectacularly wrong but everything else he’s done has been good
  14. Hearts not even getting shankland now, fuck them. Miovski will be leading us to 3rd
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