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  1. Nope. He sounds like an angry shouty Dundonian in the pressers...
  2. Nah he always sounds like an angry dundee cunt. Fuck him the useless cunt.
  3. Same for me, but cleared cache, history and worked fine. But I streamed the Dundee game as it was my FIL bday and he is a dundee man.
  4. Aye me. I googled it and had to delete history, chache also!! Working a treat now. Aye just now...
  5. Aberdeen to win -1 = 9/2 -2 = 12/1. I think we will score quite a few goals here.
  6. The hun cunt hagi has covid.... Oh dear.....Belfast test centre has a lot to answer for.....
  7. Scotland U21 v Turkey U21 on bbc Scotland tomorrow night. Hopefully young Calvin starts or comes on at some point.
  8. So the huns are on all out vendetta against the rest of the world.... Starting wi the daily record...
  9. Steak risotto wi white wine.
  10. Whoopsie, jist noticed the 'mon'. Keep the removal company at hedges hoose!!
  11. Well hedges haircut liked it......
  12. No, transfer them to McGinn and Kennedy's homes.
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