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  1. Less at the beginning and more at the end, I'd say ..
  2. Mug. Money's money at the end of the day...
  3. Was it nae thon arse thomson at hibs that fucked up Fyvue?
  4. The refs will give them the best chance tho....
  5. Giwa ti fuck min. They are oot...
  6. I dinna think so, but we are over eager as ever to boot the ba ti fuk up the pitch, only for them to come back at us....
  7. Aberdeen players are shittin their pants here. mCiNnEs oot....
  8. huns not had a shot on goal!! Plenty time for them to get pens like .....Bastards.
  9. Nae sayin he's stupid or that. Jist dinna like his voice.
  10. Transfer market says free
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