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  1. Aye, only a handful of folk, nae an entire stand. Audible from RDS though; That's why St Johnstone fans were blasting it out when he scored. Fair game.
  2. May was getting a round of "who the fuck is Stevie May" when he came on. He scored and celebrated in front of the folk that slagged him. Doubt it was a big fuck you to Aberdeen, more of a "get it up you" in the general direction of the folk chanting it.
  3. Who you with? Few of the main players just got shut down in the last few weeks.
  4. Paying for RedTV, BT etc fine. Bit iptv is good for Sky alternative and all other SPFL team's club channels for away games.
  5. Like it? I'd bloody love it as it's a 3 litre diesel.
  6. OpenToeSlipper


    Flikey. My IPTV provider seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Does anyone have any recommendations for IPTV providers that includes SPFL club channels, UK sports etc? Was with jcmedia who have gone, tried Xoomstv yesterday and it was garbage. Cheers
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