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  1. Anyone would look good with MW next to them. Tremendous player. As I stated last year.
  2. Aye so I didn’t deny saying he was shite and you were wrong about the top goal scorer. Cheers.
  3. Absolute fucking drivel. Need your head looked at if you think that. Jesus fucking Christ.
  4. What? I openly admit I said he was shite. I said you were wrong on both accounts as; 1. He’s not top goal scorer in the league. Just making up lies. 2. He’s received heaps of goodwill and praise even despite playing shite for about 5 games solid. He gets it easier than other players, there’s no doubt about it.
  5. Was that the “half chance”? So weird that offended you.
  6. I’m cringing heavily at a fully grown man calling him that. It’s October. Will see how he gets on. Scored some goals but general play has been horrendous. If he continues to score and the others do the work around him then fair enough.
  7. Neither of them things are true. A few folk on here said he was shite (he was for them games btw) but he’s on the whole received a great reception from Aberdeen fans.
  8. Not true. Cant believe the violins are out for him though. He’s been given slack if anything.
  9. In terms of game management etc, he was superb yesterday. Some really tough injuries and he managed it brilliantly.
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