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  1. Strange responses to this. He needs to show signs of improvement or he won’t last. I’m confident he will but if we are doing terrible then you can’t just say “give him more time”. It depends how desperate the situation is. Severely doubt that’ll happen, if we are up near 3rd while playing decent football he will be given plenty time.
  2. He’s a hun bastard. Folk slagging his football ability judging him on games playing left back for us 7 years ago are being pretty stupid however.
  3. He’s been in and out the team due to injuries which is the main concern. He’d have the ability to play for us but seems a weird risk to take with his injury record.
  4. Agree with most of that but how do you know he’s not a good footballer? Surely can’t base that of his time here before? He’d probably be alright but he’s a hun.
  5. TRF and others going to have the same pretend outrage with this signing as they did with Brown? Savagely beat a man with a baseball bat leaving with him a bleed to the brain. I’d imagine not
  6. I’d no way keep him but it’s weird how folk aren’t sure on Hoban but 100% want rid of Taylor. I’d bin both but Taylor is miles ahead of him.
  7. Fucking embarrassing this hun team have walked the league. They aren’t that good.
  8. Your viewpoints on football are fucking odd.
  9. Considine can’t play again next weekend surely? He was the worst out of the lot. Abysmal.
  10. Fuck that. Damage limitation and get it over with. Getting shagged by Hibs and Rangers any more than we need to is pointless.
  11. The fact Brown is coming in is a big statement. Miles ahead of anything we have in terms of mentality. It’ll be a total rebuild and as others have already said, these players have proved they are losers and not good enough. Get these 3 games over with and onto the summer. Glass could have shirked these games this season and just came in summer but it’s letting him know exactly what’s needed.
  12. Fucking hell think I’m more gutted now. What a chance
  13. In fairness we’d had years of this shite at that point. McInnes raised the standards but has left a shit show.
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