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  1. Not sure what you mean about the second part but I genuinely did lose two Srixons today
  2. His header against St Mirren was beautiful. Still can’t wait for him to leave.
  3. Nae at Auchmill, I won’t. Fairways are drivel. Don’t know what I expected to be honest.
  4. Didn’t see any of the game and thank fuck. Played Auchmill golf course. Fucking dreadful place to play golf.
  5. Aye, them performances this season will stick in my head for a while. Ducking under the fucking ball away at Tynecastle is one I won’t get out my head ever
  6. If football was as simple as you make on then it would be easy. For what it’s worth Bates worries me but Mini has a point. 35 year old Considine being moved on is a decent decision IMO.
  7. Instagram montage of his season posted. He really has no awareness of how much of a terrible season it’s been does he? I couldnt give a fuck if he thinks he’s played well, it’s been an absolute disgrace of a season which he’s been part of. You’d think the players would be embarrassed. He’s not alone either.
  8. One of them teams were up in arms about a game where we were cheated out of a pen when they scored 30 seconds after.
  9. Agreed. I’d honestly love to see the person behind the shite you post
  10. Bullshit. How much do they make from Europe? We have 8 million odd coming in this summer to rebuild.
  11. He also didn’t have a good game. He played well the previous two but last night wasn’t good at all from him.
  12. Okay fair enough. If Goodwin is gone then we just leave it.
  13. How about a £20 bet we finish next season higher than this season then? If you genuinely believe the squad will be worse then put your money where your mouth is. Loser pays to a charity of a winners choice.
  14. Seen a lot of this. Things in football change fast. Hearts got beat by fucking Brora last season. It doesn’t need 3/4 windows at all.
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