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  1. Gordon's gin (pink), aldi tonic Duran Duran at the isle of Wight festival on the telly. Terrific Sunday evening iyam
  2. Went all to pot since Gurr hasn't been involved Get him back in the squad
  3. Had 4 tins of thon triple hazy brewdog yesterday Spewed all over the bathroom afterwards. A bitty of a telling off this morning. LOL
  4. Glass will come good. We'll still win the league and SC double
  5. Blasted in the microwave - biling het
  6. Cheese and ham softie Bowl of chicken soup
  7. Aberdeen 5-1 St Johnstone Hibs 1-1 St Mirren Ross County 2-1 Hearts Dundee United 1-1 Dundee Livingston 0-2 Celtic Rangers 2-0 Motherhellhole
  8. Day aff: Haircut. Some chores I've been told to do (will try do little as possible) Denner at Choi's Bed
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