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  1. Zeus

    The Hat Medical Centre

    Had bursitis in the foot years ago. Wee cortisone injection. Sorted. Terrific.
  2. I liked Torrevieja. La Zenia beach is good.....La Zenia itself is a bit bland but cheap for pints. I'm easy pleased however
  3. Zeus


    Crikey. Should really be allowed the choice to be put out your misery there.
  4. A selection of topiary trees. Living the fucking dream!
  5. Zeus

    Pet Hates

    Dr Gillian Evans Have mentioned it prior but is another one lapping up the attention due to covid
  6. I feel the good name of your average BOD resident/ex resident is being unfairly slandered/tarnished here
  7. Wouldnt of happened at ASDA BOD
  8. Cheese and red onion sandwich (nae trapping later) Bit of banana loaf
  9. Think the cheapo ones possible go all to fuck with weather/batteries etc.
  10. Thon sonic repellers are a pain in the arse, some of them are hoora sensitive. Older folk dinna hear them either (I don't have cats, nor do they bother me so possibly biased, know they invade folks gardens etc) There's some miserable fucker not far from me who has one to put the kids off in the school fitba field.
  11. Zeus

    Tv Series

    New series of SAS Who Dares Wins Terrific!
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