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  1. Was passed it on WhatsApp... Had a look. The replies
  2. Charlie Allan bumming up Wright and Jack on social media. Vile
  3. Apparently frankfurt fans dressed in rangers tops and singing the Billy boys.
  4. Can't stop thinking of the promotion clause %
  5. From that well known sevco hotbed - Cults.
  6. Fit about the Aberdonian "bears" on there way over to Spain Worst of the lot
  7. 1990 Scottish Cup winning left back and local loon Davie Robertson
  8. Wages, sell on fees etc = absolutely brutal chat.
  9. CANNA AFFORD HIM!!!!!! Nice to see we have a few here know what the demands of a Rotherham United player are
  10. Bates at full back?!?! Come on now Neco Williams? Having a great season at Fulham by all accounts.
  11. Erhahons tackle on Barron while already on a yellow - possibly worse than the penalty desicision Didn't even talk to him
  12. Dont want to miss the latest on Neco Williams!
  13. Aye your right. The McKenna thread still makes an appareance near 2 years after he left. Ffs
  14. Hopefully this transfer goes through soon so we all dinna have to read the fucking drivel in this thread any more.
  15. Dave's warchest will be unleashed in the coming days. Champions next season
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