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  1. My home town team but have supported Dons all my life. Have watched Raith v Dons twice at Starks Park. The first a league cup tie when, despite winning 3 or 4 nil, Rougvie managed to kick the ball out of each side of the ground, narrowly missing a passing train on one occasion. The second was the Gary McDonald game, when McGhee was increasingly speaking out of arse. Raith did deserve to win that day and got their reward in the replay. We will not get beat this time around. Raith can be decent on their day but if we are prepared, on what will be a post Europe Sunday tie, we should be far too good on the day.
  2. Really hope Naismith ends up with gig as Farts will end up relegated again. DM would sort them out to a certain top 6 level but Grannie Fudge would rather go down the in-house, doomed to fail route. "Let's all laugh at Hearts" thread going to be hilarious this season. But will it be funnier than Tim version
  3. Tim supporting, season ticket holder claims Tims 100% in crisis, and will be in transition for a year or two. We need to get a couple of more signings, capitalise on Thursday's promising performance and have a good tilt at overtaking Tims this season. This is a chance DM would bugger up, let's see if Glass can manage better.
  4. Having let the dust settle on our best performance in years, albeit time will tell how good the opposition really were, my assessment of the players on display as follows: Lewis - feck all to do but distribution was noticeably better and don't remember him kicking ball out once. Ramsay - continues to be very mature for age and will be valued in the millions before too long. Hayes - sadly a shadow of his former self who seems to have more mistakes in him. Might be a fringe player before season is out. McCrorie - decent shift at centre back, much, much better than expected. Considine - good booking before his goal and some accurate long range passes. Gets better and better with age. Brown - even without the ball you can see the effect his influence and prompts has on the rest of team. Perfect captain material, sorry Joe. Ojo - really good performance. Glass had him more attack minded that DM ever did. Hedges - quieter than normal but still effective enough to merit a starting place. Ferguson - pure class, totally affected by Brown safety net. Unfortunately reckon that might hasten a higher bid for his services. JET - again good performance. Strong as an ox and didn't lose a ball in the air. Ramirez - my man of the match. A lot of game awareness goes unnoticed but really glad he scored to cap a fine all round performance. Gurr - looks more useful than I thought he would be, albeit we were well on top once he took to the field. McKenzie - basically same comments as Ramsay, no question. McLennan - the way he took his goal shows some progress for the lad. Fingers crossed that he gets better from here on in. Jenks - not enough game time to pass comment. Final conclusion - unexpected great start to season. However we certainly need a couple more signings to bolster squad, especially if Ferguson sold and a couple go out on loan. If either JET or Ramirez get injured we will struggle up front without younger legs than McGinn.
  5. Delighted to be proven wrong, best performance in a few moons. Swedes weren't as decent as I thought they would be + McLennan scored! Early days but, hopefully, sign of better days ahead.
  6. This is a big game tonight, more so from a structure / performance point of view than the final result. With away goals no longer a factor I would really expect a strong, attacking performance resulting in a first leg lead. A draw would not be too disappointing, as long as the performance is good. A defeat, following a below par performance will not be acceptable and will leave Glass and, more so, Cormack with questions to answer. I really, really hope that I am wrong but I have a "McGhee type first game in charge" concern about this one. Regardless I will be on PPV to, hopefully, be proved wrong, COYR!!
  7. I know and apparently he played superb tee to green in first round but, as you say, putting let him down in a 71. That is where he lost it. However an ex golf professional mate of mine is convinced Rahm will win a few majors before he is done.
  8. Having reviewed available matches over next couple of weeks or so we'll both be lucky to get any where near 6 right. That in mind I reckon I'll probably do low stake, goals related bets until there is more of a selection pool, which I reckon will be 7th August onwards. Happy to commence our challenge then if ok with you DF?
  9. Reckon if European Group Stages not realised then Ferguson would have to be sold to allow squad rebuild to be continued, particularly with regard central defence and another striking option. Would be looking to punt Ojo, Kennedy and McLennan too to be honest, regardless of above. As for McGeouch. When fit he is a decent player and would retain. Finally things do happen when DC is around 'cos he 100% runs things and SG just keeps the seat warm. Unpopular statement for many to hear, but true nonetheless.
  10. We'll get a run for our money DF. Ex professional golfer I know also tipped Bryson De Shambles, but I have avoided 'cos he has just split from his long term caddy, and is rumoured to be a bit of a handful to caddy for anyhoo. Ps you are correct folk who perform well before majors in general tend to go well in the major the following week. Phil the Lefty springs to mind.
  11. Yer on DF. Agree that my effort today was shite but can, and will, do better next time. Ps John Rahm punt for next week's Open still stands.
  12. Not great I grant you. Looking forward to your future predictions to see how much better you are.
  13. Understatement TC. Must do much better in the weeks ahead .
  14. Keep eyes on cash out options from hour mark onwards just in case you want to take any decent profit early and guard against any last minute equalisers. God knows how many times my son has cashed out and that has happened after he has done so, the lucky so and so.
  15. Aye but I win on a regular basis which a) earns profit over season and b) allows me to increase stakes as season progresses, effectively on the bookies money.
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