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  1. Fuck sake boys I thought I was pessimistic, A few good quality players in and McCrorie Vinny and the other young players will play with confidence again and we will be back to getting pumped by the old firm bottling cup semis and getting raped in Europe while finishing 3rd on goal difference in no time
  2. I like how the worse we play the more repugnant folk on here get, Had we been relegated we would need some Elon Musk type moderation
  3. http://streambee.to/c/football/scotland-premiership/11-05-2022/st-johnstone-vs-aberdeen/3/ Up and away
  4. Its going to be a exciting window , Can anyone tell me last time we had a rebuild of this size, Also do player swaps ever happen and wouldn't that be better when selling the like of Ramsey to Liverpool and Fergy to Italy than foraging for bargains , Especially as you wonder why anyone would sell a decent striker for the money we have to offer
  5. What if the filthy hun fuck puts aside his fandom acts like a professional and scores a shit on of goals.
  6. Or fighting for his place , Either way he has improved last 2 games
  7. And Broon was ‘Concentrating On His Football’.
  8. What Eazy E would call areal motherfucking G, Daft that he is still getting into these situations as a rich 50 odd year old
  9. I wondered what you were on about This article is more than 1 month old Kidd Creole: hip-hop pioneer found guilty of first-degree manslaughter This article is more than 1 month old The Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five member faces a potential 25-year sentence for fatally stabbing a homeless man in 2017
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