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  1. I think MT and BHL are the same person.
  2. Aye fuck off with your cats. Sleekit good for nothing cunts
  3. Can’t help thinking, wow what a complete waste of money. Give your donations to a worthwhile cause like the beer fridge, rather than some stupid cat pish. Each to their own i suppose.
  4. Needs a good chip supper by the look of him
  5. Get a life you complete and utter bellend
  6. Reed or deed


    Question: Would you go to the pub just now if you were allowed on condition that you wore a plastic tarpaulin over your person for safety?
  7. Reed or deed


    Ha ha. Well played. At least my grave will be in a proper cemetery, rather than a hole in a muddy field in Brazil though chum. Post mortem for you will be to strip any gold or anything worth anything off you first. They’ll leave the hibs strip.
  8. How come, did they pay them off with southern fried chicken?
  9. Reed or deed


    You are one million times more likely to die from aids or scurvy though
  10. Reed or deed


    1 in 20000 chance of death for me. Fuck this, i’m off down the pub.
  11. Reed or deed


    Have a couple of massive joints and a few lagers min. Block it out
  12. Reed or deed


    Any cunt got any projected death or infection rates if restrictions weren’t applied out of interest?
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