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  1. My heed is sare readin the same shite on every thread. Can we not just have one big thread titled - the arm chair manager ifs and buts thread?
  2. Can i just offer you a wee bit of advice based on my experience of coaching? Dinna let wifies any where near the circle of coaches and managers associated with the young team. It doesn’t help. Unless they clearly do add something to the mix.
  3. The most worrying thing for me about all of this is how much of a balloon dave cormack comes across as. He appears to have american levels of sensibilty. This ain't fucking soccerball.
  4. It has to be really. Doesn't help when we can't cross worth a fuck or have no one that can play the killer pass.
  5. It just aint going our way at the minute. Can't understand how we can have so many what appears to be half decent players, yet we produce nothing on the pitch?
  6. Aye well done Stevie May you absolute fucking tool. Ok, fuck this. Glass out.
  7. No, everyone isn't being negative. Plenty of folk being reasonable and actually support the team constructively rather than hammering off biting criticisms like you all the time.
  8. You expect him to score every chance that he gets or you will be raging?
  9. Why are you speaking in riddles you gype? What do you suggest should happen tactically then seeing as you apparently know better than the manager?
  10. Do you stay in Aberdeen? Do you actually go to any games? Do you just log in here to be really negative?
  11. Have you ever said anything positive since you joined here? Please show me the post where it happened.
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