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  1. Catch 22 when taking drugs cause side effects like paranoia and fear of saying things or doing things that are not really an issue
  2. Alphabetti Spaghetti. And a can of dr pepper.
  3. Aye a good player with a fair bit of potential. Could be a lot more professional and do more for the team in general really. Typical hun.
  4. I’m not white knighting anyone. Just pointing out your nonsense and shit crack for all to see.
  5. It appears that you changed your bitty mind. Not only could you indeed be bothered with trawling pages of posts, but you could also be bothered highlighting posts and commenting directly to the folk that made them, in order to try to ridicule them. What a complete and utter contradictory little girl.
  6. Things could turn really bad? What, as if to say they are any good at the moment?
  7. Absolutely. We pay money to watch and have high expectations of AFC. We are clearly highly intelligent.
  8. Fuck every single one of our players. Absolute horseshit
  9. Who the fuck is this commentating on red tv tonight? Do they try to get the worst, most annoying commentators they can?
  10. Reed or deed

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    One of the most annoying things ever that. Ignorant cunts that dee that.
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