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  1. small, grey hair, false teeth, big dangly teets?
  2. Love to see him back at Spurs.
  3. Domino pizzas are fucking bogging imo. Had one once. Never again. Worse than Pizzahut and that's saying something.
  4. On its own it is so that's why sweetness is introduced.
  5. Sooper-hanz


    Wings. The band The Beatles could have been.
  6. Apple and blackberry is a superb crumble. Apple on its own has no 'tang'. I think crumble has to have a 'tang'.
  7. Sooper-hanz


    What's your favourite Beatles album?
  8. I hope they leave him fuck all in their wills except for that TV though. Just jokings btw @M!llertime
  9. MT didn't rip off his parents with the TV. There was a morality issue over selling a TV to your parents instead of just giving them it. However I've no doubt they got a good deal.
  10. Rhubarb is the king of crumbles
  11. That well known benchmark of correct refereeing decisions .
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