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  1. Sooper-hanz

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    I don’t think they want to have the tools because of the effort involved to attain them.
  2. Sooper-hanz

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    I’m with fat lad on this. If you can train to have physical strength then you can train your brain to be mentally strong as well. Some folk just give up at any wee hurdle.
  3. Sooper-hanz

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    If it was worded ‘ choked on vomit’ it sounds like it could be someone else’s hence the usage of ‘their own’.
  4. Sooper-hanz


    Rhona Martin had ‘ Rhona Martin’s Olympic Curling’ on the Megadrive.
  5. similar to what I was thinking “ they can’t believe I’m actually a 55 year old middle aged bloke called Dave”
  6. It’s got to be Mel Gibson’s famous speech from Braveheart.
  7. Were you at the scene of the accident?
  8. One of the chaps on here has posted me it. Eh won't name names in case he wishes to remain anon. He sounds a bit angry.
  9. I don't give a fuck if you were told it or not. You believed them and tried to pass it off as fact you mongo cunt. Your fuckwitted mate was wrong and you believed him. All I've done is educate you. A fucking thanks would be nice.
  10. Does he go about on a mad looking trike as well?
  11. Mobby posted a photo of one of his giant shits which looked like a felled tree.
  12. Saw this on an old Ford Capri in Glasgow recently.
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