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  1. Sooper-hanz

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    There are probably worse situations to be in though .
  2. I’m not on ignore. I worked that out easy enough
  3. A vote for Consi for me. what are we voting on again ?
  4. …, then proceeds to do exactly this over the course of 50 pages.
  5. With Mobby’s kind words as well.
  6. In the same. Hate the boiling heat. 16 or 17 degrees and dry and I’m happy.
  7. She’s not from the NE then.
  8. Sooper-hanz

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    Aye, sorry man read your post again. Folk should really stop fucking about with sport . It was straightforward enough before.
  9. Sooper-hanz

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    Not as simple as that. Males will still have better aerobic capacity, bigger lungs, more red blood cells, better spacial awareness and a whole host of other factors giving them an advantage that you can't 'train up' to have.
  10. Sooper-hanz

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    Concealing impressive schlong
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