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  1. That's me fully signed in and got a stream again. Just in time to see Hedges score!
  2. Just managed to get on after getting internal server errors for a while Edit: stopped again, back to the internal server error
  3. No idea but looks like they've opened another section now anyway. Don't think Hibs sold any home tickets for the other side of our stand, like they sometimes do, so persumably we could have had the rest of the stand had demand been there.
  4. Yes. https://www.afc.co.uk/2021/12/10/supporter-information-for-perth/
  5. Bates returns, Campbell's on the bench. Gurr keeps his place
  6. I've only been to Celtic Park 3 times in that time and never seen us lose (one was the cup final, admittedly). Threaded the needle there.
  7. The Partick game is live on Alba and iPlayer this afternoon. 4pm, so perfect for when you've switched the Celtic game off at half time
  8. Who was it that took the ball past two players and then tried a third, giving the ball away just before the goal? Ojo, was it? I couldn't see but was there not a pass on?
  9. There were a few of those chants tonight. There was also a 'there's only one Stephen Glass' chant as well, but unfortunately it came from the Dundee fans
  10. When was it that Atlanta season ticket holders got free access to our games? Near the start of the year, wasn't it? Probably coincided with one of our worst runs for a long while.
  11. Saw an Aberdeen sticker on a bike rack in Leeds. Not really that notable but not something I was expecting to see. Saw a Bon Accord FC pendant in a bar in Mijas in Spain several years ago. It was for a u15s or u13s or something, think it was dated in the 90s. They must have done a tour or entered a competition in the area or something. I don't know why I'm writing this, I didn't really have anything to contribute.
  12. I've never quite understood the idea of the silver lining of relegation being a good thing in that you can kind of 'reset' and come back with a new philosophy and so on. Because wouldn't it be better to not get relegated and do the same 'reset' while still in the top division and not taking the substantial drop in revenue?
  13. Academic now but they said they'd prefer a hard copy of your ceritifcate, they definitely were still going to accept a digital version though.
  14. Didn't look like many did in the small section of crowd they showed. It is getting weird how much analysis there is of players when they score against former clubs. There was a whole thing at the weekend when an English player scored a late winner against his old club, former players wading in to the debate and so on.
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