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  1. Sevco has got permission for 17000 for their game against Livingston
  2. Sone Aluko, on trial at Derby, started earlier against Manchester United, along with Shinnie. He hasn't got a club at the moment.
  3. I wouldn't even support that. Once their Colts are in the pyramid, it doesn't matter if there's a rule saying they can't ever be promoted. The foot is in the door and in a season or two, the rule can be changed.
  4. Even if they played in red, wouldn't they have to wear their away kit rather than us?
  5. On sale again, just in case you were actually after one.
  6. Must just be because of the launch of this season's training range and/or a bottleneck while they are sending out all existing orders for the new top. I might believe they've sold out of the home top (although they must have a decent idea of demand from previous seasons) but I can't believe they sold out of, say, every size of the short sleeved away goalkeeping top
  7. Mine arrived today (via AberDNA) which I'm sure no one cares about but if you have preordered then it'll be with you very soon. Wasn't expecting it until next week
  8. Think that 95 games may include games played for Norwich after he had played for us. He played the majority of games for Norwich after his spell at Pittodrie. Still a lot more first team games than Jenks at the point of joining us though.
  9. I don't know if it would genuinely change transfer fees or wage demands but at the same time, might as well not publicly say he's desperate for a centre back
  10. Didn't see this discussed in any other topic: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57651255
  11. Only a few days ago Glass was saying he wouldn't be signing anyone for the sake of it and if anyone else comes in, it's because they are right for us. Looking at Jack Gurr's CV, I struggle to see how this fits in with that plan. But Glass knows the player a lot better than me.
  12. Think there's more demand for a short sleeve goalie strip or a long sleeve home strip? Can't be much demand for short sleeve goalie tops in Scotland
  13. James Maddison just won the FA Cup. Danny Ward got a winners medal too.
  14. First time I've watched Sky Sports coverage of an Aberdeen game in years. I hate it already.
  15. That game is a childhood memory that stuck for some reason, despite not being there. I remember the Green Final headline was 'Chumpions'.
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