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  1. Was making a different point about this the other day but 3 points against Ross County before the break last season would have guaranteed us top 6 and with something to play for, who knows how things would have gone? (well, we probably do know). I know we still had hopes of top 4 had we won that game. Instead we ended up tenth. Fairly small margins.
  2. Doesn't this happen every year? They take pre-orders, gets pulled from the store around release day and then reappears again a month later? I'm sure that's happened for years now
  3. We're back at Celtic Park in February. Will be a good measuring stick to see how we play that day compared to Sunday. I hope we can say how much we've come on since opening day. I don't think 4th is unrealistic as an absolute minimum expectation, despite finishing 10th last season. The last game before the break, we still had ambitions of finishing 4th (and would have finished top 6 whatever happened had we won that last game). There's not *that* much improvement needed in this league to get up the league placings so if we can't wring that improvement out of this squad with all the money we've spent, I think you can very reasonably argue it's been a failure of a season. But it's not going to be easy as everyone else will be thinking the same.
  4. Pretty bad injury https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/atlanta-united-defender-ronald-hernandez-out-3-4-months-with-mcl-injury
  5. Club just announced it https://twitter.com/AberdeenFC/status/1551632272255815682 Notts County fans seem pretty gutted but happy for him https://twitter.com/Official_NCFC/status/1551632384386367489
  6. Some of the Stirling players looked exhausted coming up on half time. Watching the goals flow obviously helps enjoy the evening but I'm going to ask what always gets asked at the start of the season...why don't we have summer football in Scotland? Been great strolling to the game and sitting back in the sun taking it in. A beer would be nice too but one pointless restriction at a time
  7. I kind of thought the SPFL weren't going to let clubs do PPVs anymore now that all COVID restrictions are gone. I don't know for sure, have a vague recollection of that though
  8. Declan's another who has now had his contract terminated. Not a huge surprise but I must admit, I thought he was quite a safe signing who would do well for us.
  9. Sounds like we're heading towards a Jimmy Calderwood-esque photo opportunity featuring Goodwin and his new recruits lined up.
  10. I don't really watch English football. If Alexander-Arnold doesn't play, who's been playing in that position? I know that Neco Williams was supposed to be his back up but he was at Fulham since January so I assume they had other options at right back even if it was someone playing out of position. I guess what I'm asking is can Ramsay reasonably expect to play first team games if Alexander-Arnold is not available for whatever reason.
  11. I don't know when they are due back but when Goodwin let him go home, he said Ramirez would be back in Aberdeen 'mid June'. Mid June isn't too far away at this point. Don't think it would be worst thing either. As it stands, he's our only striker anyway but get him back in to a winning team and scoring a few goals and obviously he'll be much happier. Easier said than done though.
  12. Thought it was a nice pick out from Austin Samuels for ICT's first goal. Although he was offside and play probably should have been stopped for a clash of heads but still. Play to the whistle.
  13. Here's the match report of his hat trick: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/4137061.stm. Twice refers to him as a striker. I remember him as a defender though.
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