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  1. Thanks for the Srixons. Thanks for Auchmill, who needs to buy golf balls.
  2. What worries me is I know this team can’t even achieve a 0 - 0 today never mind win the game. Changed days from 18 months ago when this fixture would be odds on a no score draw or even snatch a goal after halftime and then play fortress McInnes it was terrible to watch but not as bad as what will be on show today. Shows what a mess the structure of this this club has been from boardroom down and I can’t be that optimistic o any improvement.
  3. Very informative but shite if he was speaking to anybody he was winding them up after stuffing them unlike the present incumbent who has managed to secure tenth spot.
  4. Goodwin wants to be popular with everybody joking with Saint Johnstone manager before the end Fergie would’ve been putting the nut in him.
  5. I’ve never seen a new manager have less impact on a team I’m getting really worried about Goodwin now
  6. Joe Lewis is a basket case McKenzie and Ramsay can’t defend to save their life with no positional awareness, and Bates and Gallacher are pish, that’s why we are going nowhere.
  7. Watching the Arbroath game last night their captain at centre half was miles ahead of anything ABERDEEN have to offer with this defense.
  8. I thought he would’ve been a lot more Intense seems to be accepting things too easiIy thought he was a hard man
  9. There’s no leadership in this team from the stick insect in goals to the ex con what have we do done to deserve this shit
  10. I thought they were most of the time
  11. Goodwin should be stamping his authority on the proceedings bit worried about him now
  12. I feel sorry for you, is it your naive or stupid, probably both. nothing between two shite teams today
  13. Ramirez waits for the bal, too chicken to challange
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