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  1. Never go to Ibrox with yer head up yer arse. Walk tall Aberdeen to win by two goals.
  2. Intreresting final game of the season Aberdeen v Ross County. 1) Who will be manager? 2) Who will be chairman? 3) Who will be relegated and who will be in the play offs?
  3. Who the fuck cares what English says or writes, just a parasite who lives off of controversy. A fully paid up member of the Glasgow mafia. Whatever the relevance of the content it was good to hear Cormack passion sadly missing for a quarter of a century at AFC.
  4. Aberdeen seemed to be a place to go for promising EPL players to develop there careers. If you were a Maddison or Ward would you consider a move to Pittodrie, not a chance. The word is out about Glass and his shitshow backroom team.
  5. There did seem to be a flicker of hope in the early games this season but your right as soon as things went tits up we got what most deep down expected
  6. It became obvious after The Raith debacle he was out of his depth, no authority over the players or his amateur touch line staff.
  7. Maclaran got the sack eventually from England for using a brolly, Glass hiding from the rain in the dugout shelter, pathetic
  8. What do they do at Cormack Park all week , wash their cars!
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