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  1. How come you're always so angry Spud? Living in a swamp and boozing at a grit depot must be taking it's toll on your mental health?
  2. maryhilldon


    Cmon, it's won Scotland In Bloom. Some lovely hanging baskets on the High St.
  3. maryhilldon


    Alness. Probably further away from the Weeg than where RrD grew up.
  4. maryhilldon


    You must be really good at gambling then? Is that how it works?
  5. Your making a cunt of yourself here. (NEM)
  6. Red John wouldn't even be on the list.
  7. Where's Your Head At is a decent tune.
  8. maryhilldon


    He's a dimwit, best ignored.
  9. maryhilldon

    Thread O Twitter

    Message him and find out, we need to get to the bottom of this.
  10. maryhilldon


    A lot of self righteous pin cushions must be feeling a bit silly now.
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