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  1. maryhilldon

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    Fair play Hanz. Go Team Scotland
  2. maryhilldon

    Thread O Twitter

    She's alrite, not my type.
  3. maryhilldon

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    Can only see you winning this one RS. I think Hanz has been a little hasty.
  4. I had that for months a couple of years ago. Drove me nuts, just couldn't get comfortable. 6 week wait to see a physio who just prescribed Amitriptyline to help me sleep. Had to just wait till it improved by itself.
  5. Not at all Don, just messin around.
  6. Of course. Used my feet.
  7. Just skipped to the end of this thread, was it all just Rocket v whomever? Zzzzz
  8. I just skipped 17 pages, hadn't looked in since Thurs. Still the Roberto v Rocket snoozathon by the looks of it? Tedious as fuck.
  9. I live myself. Trying to get my own attention aye? Fud.
  10. maryhilldon

    In The News

    Maybe they're poor because they come from a long line of wrong uns? Chicken and egg.
  11. How did I make a meal of it if I never bothered our NHS heroes or even mentioned it on here till 2 months later? Eh? Eh? Well? Fud.
  12. maryhilldon

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    I think Israel is the US's biggest recipient of foreign aid, even though it's a wealthy country? Can't imagine why that would be.
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