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  1. But then the opposition managers would know how to set up against us. He wants to keep it a secret , even from our own players. He’s a cunning fox.
  2. Champions league finalist in his 3rd season, Champions league winner in his 4th season, EPL winner in his 5th season.
  3. maryhilldon


    Love The Life of Brian.
  4. Because you've been supporting her since Wimbledon because she's 'British'. You'll deny that's the reason, but you know that's the real reason. You get swept along on the media tide of British nationalism , which contradicts your usual Scottish nationalism. You're a fraud.
  5. Do you wave your wee Union Jack flag when you’re watching?
  6. ^ This is peak Parky. What a pretentious dickhead.
  7. Just read this. Sums Parky up, he's all over the place.
  8. Motherwell website says there is PATG for away fans.
  9. There is PATG, might go. See how the weather's looking, and whether I can be arsed frankly.
  10. I watched a docu about the Spanish flu, it was only about 1 year from start to finish.
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