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  1. Fecking disgrace, Stewards and Police do nothing about a fan pushing Ojo, just stand and watch. Madden is beyond a joke, utter prick.
  2. Hedges should never have cut his hair....has been poor again.
  3. You don't make millions in business without knowing when to cut your losses. Glass must be very close to an exit.
  4. Why can't we keep possession from a throw in?
  5. Why is Scott Brown marking Bitton at corners, it's a total mismatch?
  6. Not only have we signed poor players, we've failed to sign players to cover key areas. Lewis has been poor McCrorie out of position Gallagher fecking terrible Dozens of midfielders but none of them offer anything different Jet and Ramirez both poor No pace in thecteam and no creativity.
  7. We seem to have no pace in the team....terrible game to watch.
  8. I got a wee bit of stick for this post but I can't say I've been impressed with Gallagher so far. Maybe not fully match fit?
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