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  1. Dad

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    Its unsurprising you see me as the puppet master son haha Good old me
  2. Dad

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    Steak wiped on hoop prior to serving = jail time You cannae fuck about
  3. Dad

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    No fucking doubt son haha Hoo mama Here 79 son; I know you're biased - but come on to fuck
  4. Dad

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    Aye here - sorry son, a wee bitty general with that statement. Whilst some chefs I've encountered are disgusting drunken bastards, I have heard a tale told about a nice chef - one whom was generous not only with his portions; but also his thoughtful gestures Long since dead now alas Ah no
  5. Aye here - I paid the price for early morning boredom TC son; careless Dons / jutes double the morrow - debts cleared probably
  6. Dad

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    Can you imagine a cunt rubbing a steak up and down his hoop though fridge son? Fucking chefs - a liability
  7. Dad

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    Fuck that fridge son - twice as much Hans YUCK
  8. That's the stuff I murdered a bunch of wee succulents there through winter; overwatered to fuck - useless cunt Hence the wee arabica plant - no sun needed; just a wee drip of water once a week (sat morn after I've dropped DWT). Right greenthumbed bunch of heroes we are here at the Hat ( in waiting at least) - off the page
  9. I'll need to get to work studying the scandi leagues; they'll be just getting going probably; games still mean summat
  10. That's the stuff Intrigued to see what you'll come up with Slim pickings by fuck
  11. But here - rashfords on Let's see what happens
  12. Haha ah no Aye it was a bet made this morn at about 530am whilst I made my poacher on toast Lazy
  13. I didnae - it was a premade 'enhanced' treble Dodgy bastards
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