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  1. Dad

    Tv Series

    Quarry on Now / Sky Atlantic - fucking terrific Couple of cunts return from Nam, under suspicion of war crimes and find themselves with nowhere to turn...that is until Peter Mullan shows up offering high earnings to chib a few cunts.
  2. Dad


    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges
  3. Dad

    In The News

    Darn tootin' son - that's why you've been the apples of my eyes for a fair spell now - Hoo mama Just fair warning - abortion me once; shame on me - abortion me twice; shame on you
  4. Dad

    In The News

    Tbf Chebs son, you were droning on about fucking abortion yet again there a few back Fucking on and on and on Noone talk to him about it ever again
  5. Dad


    Watch yourself with Irreversible - hoo mama thats a grim bastard of a film; no sure how they got away with it tbh
  6. Dad

    In The News

    Oh do you? Hadnae noticed son Arsehole
  7. Dad

    In The News

    You dinnae seem to enjoy the arguing with Consi as much you do Parkie Chebs son. Think you've got a wee Dundonian Love Stump evident for Parkie tbh
  8. Dad

    Pet Hates

    bubble dizzy? What was the deal with that?
  9. Shifted my sleep pattern a smidge there, in order to allow myself the chance to intertwine with J-League 2 fans A tough gang to locate tbf; but I really feel I got a solid grasp of the game. Dad San
  10. Dad


    La Haine you wee prick - come on now But aye - one of my faves it is; it was distributed amongst members of the French government in order to educate them about the alarming levels of disdain the youth of Paris had for them. Vinnie Cassel - hes the man; generally owt he's been in is shit 'ot (spare a couple of the ones he did in the US)
  11. It's been as positive as fuck though
  12. Come on now - just because you can correctly diagnose medical stuff, you think you can throw these kinds of comments William nillie. After you chastising my quip to Don there last night as well Prick
  13. Confirmed then - The Japanese J League 2 it is So given the kickoff times as detailed above - we'll be publishing DWT54 on Friday night, aiming for 7pm-ish. Feeling good about this one by fuck - see yous there
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