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  1. Dad


    I'm dressing up as Greta Thunberg - hoover up some guilt candy
  2. @milne_afc thats like yon Falkirk arsehole son ^
  3. Same bet bagged Dad 22.50 there on Satday son - a fucking cash cow
  4. 14/1 for the main man to score and win the morrow - money in the fucking satchel
  5. Dave Halls getting a burny amount of heat: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-59035483
  6. Dad

    The Hat Medical Centre

    Consume with coconut oil to aid absorption is the advice - I'll do that
  7. Dad

    The Hat Medical Centre

    Havenae had any yet son...I'll maybes give them a ring - seems too few
  8. Dad

    The Hat Medical Centre

    Ah no Ok son - I'll keep you abreast... confidence dipping a smidge after yon ^ Let's see what happens
  9. Dad

    The Hat Medical Centre

    Just placed an order for some turmeric tabs - fucking inflammation has met it's match probably I'm no sure what I'll do if not - ah no Fingers crossed
  10. The end of Cooper's solid start then - ah no
  11. I'd be asking for a better tip - every cunt knows that ^
  12. That was Titanicseses maiden voyage son - we're going into DWT75 Maybe stop drinking the pool water you ugly cunt
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