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  1. Dad

    Pet Hates

    @Captain Caveman
  2. Go fuck yourself zero you cunt
  3. Dad

    In the News

    Crazy shit going on up around Skye... Folk getting stabbed for the love of fuck
  4. Like two shitey peas in a festering pod ^
  5. Just block the piece of shit FR son
  6. Dad

    In the News

    See yous cunts https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/celtic-rangers-leave-scottish-premiership-27698324
  7. Dad


    Expecting greatness out of Hans - like you've just signed up the day you wee prick haha Hoo mama
  8. Money money money - off the fucking page I'm going to start saving for the cup games and next season's euro adventure the now (good chance a gofundme'll pop up )
  9. If hanz doesnae win cunt of the year this year, there's summat far fucking wrong around these parts An absolute arsehole
  10. Dad

    Restaurants In Aberdeen

    The hallmark of a cunt
  11. Are orbital the only band you listen to chebs son? Orbital this and fucking orbital that - Hoo mama
  12. Dad

    Pet Hates

    Tbf, there's generally 1 car max outside of there
  13. Bojan reminds me of Luis Suarez - just the good stuff What a terrific terrific cunt
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