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  1. Fuck off fat weirdo cunt. I will not tolerate what your children will.
  2. Good lad. Brilliant list. See your a fan of the earlier stuff. Fuck the Huns.
  3. Put your top 5 up and shut up you awkward cunt. It's a good tune yea.
  4. Enough about your ex wife and more about the Welsh rockers please.
  5. Some of my best mates are golfers. Each to their own shit. Tiger Woods touched my pee pee.
  6. Fuck off golf cunt. I've been a long hater of that dreary game, so stick that right up your righteous pumper.
  7. Ah that's right. They must have eaten the cunt as well cos they fair bloated up didn't they. Probably the only decent thing to come out of Wales.
  8. What did they do to him? He was a suicidalist self harmer who just fucked off wasn't he? Vanished without a trace.. Probably all cos he was Welsh. Weird reply from Junkie Joe. Terrific band.
  9. LOL. Total spunk lord. Lost all esteem. Lorraine Kelly sucks tramps ding dings.
  10. When I was a wee cunt I thought the train would go up the top of the brìdge like what a roller coaster does and shit..
  11. Work in progress my fat little friend. We shall be there or thereabouts come seasons end. In the bottom 6.
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