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  1. Put down the UHU and swallow a pint of water before bed. Maybe lay on your side too, there's a good chap. Remember to do your Ho'oponopono. I thank you.
  2. Anyone who has the chance to apply for citizenship for any other country. Do so now.
  3. Beaten by 11 tablecloths with hair and fingers. Thank fuck. 10 day distraction. Back to the serious business of the highly competitive SPFL. Yay.
  4. Taught them how it's done. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/nostalgia/when-hibs-travelled-to-brazil-to-play-in-first-club-world-cup-3279119
  5. That's why Celtic binned him. Cos his left foot evolved in to the shape of a small Red Sea yacht. Hence the shoes. Useless for kicking football's with.
  6. Wrath Of Man. Another pile of dung from Guy Ritchie. Total shit.
  7. Ooooh friend... bike friend... Pathetic.
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