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  1. You still watch tv ? Caveman indeed...
  2. You like eating pussy?
  3. It's a bottle of PrĂ³polis. You filthy animal..
  4. Like his Dad, you know that he's had. Animal nitrate in mind. Oh in your council home he jumped on your bones, now you're taking it time after time... What does it take to turn you on? Animal...? upload photo to internet free
  5. Good for covering up superficial cuts.
  6. Mental bastard... And so is Crashy chops.
  7. With a healthy dose of yellowish man paste skittering about the pan too, no doubt.
  8. You'd shut the hell up if you knew what was good for ya buddy. @Bluto10
  9. Underground economy. Fat emperor. Experimental gene therapy. Excuse me if I pass Mr Crash Bandicoot.
  10. Good in Universal Soldier.
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