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  1. Yes, to tuck my banger in to stop it swinging about.
  2. Tell that to @Dad and his big dorm creepers.
  3. Ach. @cans Mcghee. Fair dos. Prrrrrrrick.
  4. You'd be hard pressed to find a worse way to die. Reckon I'd rather get slowly beheaded or skinned alive or some shit like that. You fucking Europeans are obsessed with mental health. Get your running shoes on and move your fat, pasty asses in to the pain, push through it, cover the distance, get home breathing hard - the rest of your day will be fucking smooth baby. Do that every day and you'll be unstoppable.
  5. Probably reads a book a day.
  6. Aye but this is not the tv series thread. You greeting faced weegie Hun cunt.
  7. Communication says the dog will be the comfort blanket. And texts to I. Boyfriend seems a useless prick. I shall wait patiently in the wings.
  8. Lopes old boy - not expected to get out the coma. Sakes man.
  9. Resuscitate with some bilin hait soup. Richt in ehs face.
  10. Ask them for the cctv footage then share it on whatsapp. We'll get to the bottom of this mystery.
  11. Good game that. Run in from the midfield and aim it in to the bottom corner at the post from 30 yards out. Goal every time.
  12. Or a way for a Chinaman to describe the tip of his cock...
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