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  1. Giant prowling Hibs casual headbutts scrawny out of his face scouser. Fucking liberty taking junkie cunt that boy. Hope his next heart attack kills him.
  2. Is it though? This is heartbreaking, this shit.
  3. Calm doon lads. We are all pals here. Fuck sake man.
  4. Nope. I am not a mungle. Obvs been a few drunken scraps as a daft pup and I once broke the nose of a gentleman with a lethal headbutt, who disrespected me cos his brother was jealous of my friendship with his bird, who is my best mate. Peace and love all round. I don't wanna hurt no bastard.
  5. Been quiet yourself these days? You was talking some squirly shit on here some time ago... Mindless violence and that.. You best wise up young man or them Co-Op gangs are gonna get bigger and hit harder. Low profile the way to go.
  6. You ever fucked a casual in his bottom Beachend ?
  7. Violence. LOL. The porridge wog managed a decent heider and kept his bins on. Fair play likes.
  8. Someone planted them on his dome and tells him - we will kill your wife if you shave this off, you Spin Doctor cunt.
  9. Fundee United pumped at home to Livi. They've came crawling out the woodwork again recently the old Ayrab fans haven't they. All the Davey Narey and Jim Mclean chat back in the chats... Hoo mama !! Ross Jack. L O L.
  10. How the fuck is Liam Gallagher headlining festivals? Mental... just mental.
  11. Marshall kept that spotty lesbian out of the Scotland team for years. He'll be above him come seasons end too. Let it be.
  12. Certainly Hearts have nobody with his outstanding ability. All they have is large foreheaded, spunky haired goons all over the park and in the dugout. It's the Martin Boyle show.
  13. Out For Justice is so good it occupies all 5 places in the top 5. Yo fucknuts.
  14. They were no match for our sheer brute African strength. The Zulu warriors in green. Every one of those pink fools will be taking pain killers this evening. And Bushiri shall be swording their wives.
  15. Battered the cunts aw game. Appalling that they can leave our fine stadium with a point. Appalling.
  16. Brilliant act thon cunts. Just got turned on to them last night and well digging it likesay.
  17. Feel good hit of the summer. @Misers Hill
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