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  1. My mind is phased by the other person's 2-3-2-3 formation, never thought of that! But agree with above, only question is between Watkins or Samuels, and whether one of the front 3 plays behind the 2 'in the hole' (love Courtney).
  2. Get Willie Miller in for some defensive advice
  3. Unless Longstaff is a better player than Ferguson for example.
  4. haha he is now (given his performance he must have some experience there)
  5. left wing - already got samuels though....
  6. McInnes has been called in to help with Hector transfer
  7. Latest on twitter via @AAberdonia: Hearing some whispers of a former @AberdeenFC loanee and current international player may be making a dramatic return later tonight
  8. As long as master Bates stays clear of matty's Long staff we all should be fine..
  9. i'd hope we'd make 17k + for what is the biggest financial windfall game in our club's history (I may have royally fucked up there, someone will correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. People will moan at me including Conor, but earned it with his assist last week Lewis Ramsay Gallagher Considine MacKenzie Brown McGeouch Hedges Ferguson McLennan Ramirez
  11. I wonder if he wanted the offer accepted. He's started a bit slow so far, hopefully not unsettled.
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