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  1. old news, will be something else. People are probably reading too much into Simmie being present for it.
  2. Play off round draw is monday August 2nd i.e. 3 days before QR3
  3. 1-1 @ 48 mins. Fuck the taboo about looking ahead. We can beat Hacken and the Austrians.
  4. Osterrreich Wien a 1/4 in and still not scored against the Icelanders. PO round here we come.
  5. aye http://www.hesgoal.com/news/83039/Norrkoping_vs_BK_Hacken.html
  6. Don't forget to bring your photo ID, and tbh the club needs to give out more info on what constitutes acceptable evidence of a negative lat flow test.
  7. Kalmar is literally an island off the coast of Sweden. You're essentially watching Kilmarnock against the Isle of Bute there (hopefully).
  8. you're doing it ALL wrong. sprinkle in some 'extreme' left views for extra popularity. anyway all this durge posting should lessen in a few days...
  9. skin fade haircut incoming..seeking barber recommendations on insta (top post I know)
  10. Ryan Christie and Kieran Tierney would probably do it. (as in complete the team)
  11. haha love it, happy to be the only resident chat anti-fascist who long ago realised that racism is the domain of hun/sevco, and not any real self-respecting educated Aberdeen fan
  12. haha more novelty racism for comic effect, fall on your sword ya prick.
  13. Fuck you and every single one of your upvotes. Left will always be best.
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