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  1. I can't be arsed checking but if true, fair enough, still think that they are shit.
  2. Kids in car stickers, thank fuck you put them on your motor chief as I was planning to crash into the back of your car.
  3. Wee Jay (on the left) seems to have improved with age.
  4. This bit made me laugh, We were focused on winning the league but we were as focused on the long-term sustainability of the club. Aye, spunking £100m is a good long term strategy.
  5. I've been thinking along these lines since his contract extension last summer. It just doesn't make sense otherwise.
  6. shut up meg

    In The News

    Her name was Natalie RYAN-FRASER. She was probably looking for her purse in the garden and he thought she was a burglar.
  7. shut up meg

    In The News

    Prince Andrew arguing that he can't be pursued due to 2009 settlement. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59861831
  8. We should never sell to another Scottish club any player with potential. Look at John McGinn, if he went to Celtic, the transfer cap on him if he was sold on would be £10m, if Villa decided to cash in on him, he's go for £30m at least. If any Scottish club comes in for any of our players, they should play a premium.
  9. Stockley and his flying elbows would be a better fit.
  10. Rotherham are top of the league, won 4 out of the last 5 games and are home against Bolton. Bolton are struggling, just above the relegation spot, guess which one @Dad went for?
  11. Everybody knows that you are TVS
  12. shut up meg

    In The News

    Are you forgetting the time difference chief? I'm sure it's around a 5 hour flight.
  13. FFS, we'll get 15 pages of FnD posting about Atlanta weather and grass now.
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