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  1. If you went opposite to your gut feelings like I said, you would have a double and only be a goal away from the treble min.
  2. shut up meg

    In The News

    BBC trolling it viewers by sending this bloke to report on petrol shortages
  3. shut up meg

    In The News

    Apparently Jesus has not returned because we are not giving the preachers enough money. https://www.indy100.com/news/evangelical-pastor-jesus-return-donate-money-b1926227?utm_content=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1632486796
  4. The hat missed the musings of @Dad swinging (and missing) 60's, we now roll onto the depressing 70's, the decade that fashion forgot. What's your gut feeling for today dad? Whatever it is, bet the other way.
  5. shut up meg


    I agree however as hard as tried, I couldn't get my cats to operate the lift in the flats where I lived at the time we got them.
  6. SF draw Rangers V Hibs Celtic V St. Johnstone What a shocker!
  7. Going by the last photo that MT put on here, it will be the quickest cash the barber will ever make, " quick trim of the back and sides and nothing off top please gorgeous?"
  8. If we are going to compare Callum Davidson against Glass, it should be noted that St. Johnstone only got 7 points (2 wins and a draw) in their first 10 games last season. Edit: and 17 points from the first 20 games, just imagine the uproar on here if that was the results from a modern dons manager
  9. I was watching it on Iplayer when I posted, the replays after the highlights showed he was a yard offside. 6 minutes of added time, what do you think?
  10. Could you tip rangers and celtic every week please?
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