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  1. NEM

    In The News

    It's nae the Dowser is it?
  2. Think they wear those to protect their modesty (hide their ugly coupons)
  3. NEM


    Yeah exactly - the masks 99.9% of folk are cutting about in are useless.
  4. NEM

    In The News

    Is bugs bunny away?
  5. NEM


    There was a big increase in cases when mask wearing became mandatory. Probably cause folk are touching their face more often while wearing them.
  6. The jinx is back! How much did you have on us at the weekend?
  7. A glorious incident in our clubs history so wind your neck in …..and it’ll be 33 years ago next month
  8. I phoned up afc the necht. And this useless dundonian cunt answered the phone. He sehs, I think his exact words were “hello ma dearie” and I sehs shut up! I sehs shut up. And it’s aboot time he got handed his denner
  9. He’s fucking hopeless. Never a centre half in a million years
  10. If he’s never said that then he can definitely get to fuck
  11. Yip - surely nobody is making the comparison between Fergie and Glass. Come on to fuck
  12. Should never have appointed his pal but can’t fault the backing he’s gave him. This circa 30 man squad must be costing an absolute fucking fortune in wages
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