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  1. Big Manny's on speed dial. He's quite partial to pizza as well...
  2. No idea but given you posted about an hour ago afternoons are your quiet time I'm assuming morning.
  3. Manboobs wasn’t the one ranting on here until the early hours this morning when he had work in a few hours
  4. We’ve been over that a dozen times now numb nut Who poofy Harvie? Not quite up there with you telling posters to kill themselves tbh. Well adjusted people don’t post about 500 times per day on a football forum for months on end before an inevitable meltdown and account deletion. Toodle pip
  5. NEM

    In the News

    He’s not a bird though, he’s a bloke who’s had a hole drilled where his cock used to be.
  6. NEM

    In the News

    I’ve never said they didn’t exist, more projection from you. They exist just as depressed, bi-polar and schizophrenic people exist. They can’t change their gender either though.
  7. NEM

    In the News

    Cultural norms are irrelevant. Basic biology dictates you can’t change from a male to a female or vice versa regardless of the amount of make up you wear or surgical procedures you want to undergo. If you’d shag a bloke with his cock cut off you’re bent, simple as that. Each to their own though, whatever floats your boat
  8. Quite sore about fat tits putting you on ignore eh?
  9. NEM

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    Funny you should compare the belief in an all seeing sky wizard to the trans nonsense
  10. It's clearly a face saving exercise from the club after seeing the fans reaction to them taking it up the arse dry from Celtic, again
  11. NEM

    In the News

    Did you even bother your arse to read Ten Catts post last night? Clearly not if you're continuing with this pish
  12. How did that work out for Catalonia?
  13. Should never have taken him in first place
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