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  1. Bit of a waste now you'll be busy most Saturdays Darek
  2. That glove Callaway or Ping?
  3. NEM


    Nah I've read it elsewhere. Regardless the point stands - there's been a concerted effort to coerce folk into taking the jab and demonising of anyone who doesn't
  4. Come on now he'll be like a brand new signing!
  5. We've gotten rid of Longstaff and Samuels and look set to get shot of Gurr so I'd argue that point tbf
  6. NEM

    In The News

    Probably worried you were going to be picked last again at break time football
  7. NEM


    Rife in Australia at the minute is it not? Djokovic must have taken it in
  8. NEM


    Aye funnily enough was around the same time as Macron pledged to make life difficult for the unvaccinated, war criminal Blair called the unvaccinated idiots and Boris bumbled some incoherent shite about the unvaccinated talking "mumbo jumbo" as their reason for declining the jab. Almost as if it was coordinated somehow!
  9. Aye you're only about a week late
  10. NEM


    If you put shite in you'll tend to get shite oot. The modelling was false (probably deliberately so)
  11. No better than what we have. Waste of time and money pursuing him when we have far more pressing concerns
  12. NEM


    "You listen to me Sagat, and you listen gooood"
  13. NEM

    In The News

    Social media and mobile phones without doubt. The namby pamby PC shite in schools probably doesn't help either, no winners or losers etc.
  14. Some statement from potentially the thickest poster on the board!
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