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  1. Barron already playing second fiddle to a Blackburn reject according to most on here last week….
  2. Morris and Roberts are ridiculous signings. Both tinpot league garbage and pushing our own youngsters back in the queue. Transfer window started well with Miovski and Ramadani but soon descended into ”lazy recruitment”
  3. “Won’t get back in the team cause of that lightweight Liverpool poof”
  4. Two non league duds. No major surprise that they’re both hopeless
  5. I don’t care. Bad enough losing to Motherwell at home, to lose to them at home with a bouncy bouncy hun bastard in the side is beyond the pale. Get him to fuck
  6. You see him onto a bus to the Broch? Hope you had a good day with your old man mate
  7. Apart from shipping two goals? Sober the fuck up
  8. Should be shipped out, he’s a useless hun cunt
  9. He’s shite. Signed from a tinpot club who’s fans didn’t rate him so it’s hardly a surprise. Richardson, Stewart, Roos, Roberts etc not up to scratch either. Time we stopped shopping in the over priced guff lower leagues
  10. Is it though? Littered with league 2, reserve and non league shite Abody raving about Clarkson last week saying Barron would struggle to get back in the team. Lol did he touch the ball today?
  11. Agreed - get him to fuck. Absolute holocaust of a performance today from the bouncy bouncy hun wank
  12. The same McRorie that’s been at fault for two goals today? Fuck off
  13. Hun board swiftly dealt with as it should be Fuck Sky
  14. NEM

    Boxing Fans

    Not a fight that’s going to sell many ppvs tbh! Think Joyce will wear him down but neither are near top level
  15. We were an absolute shitshow last season, half the squad downed tools
  16. You scraped a draw at newly promoted Killie you illiterate gluebag
  17. More absolute pish - to be expected right enough given the poster
  18. Who from united’s squad would you want at pittodrie? Beyond Levitt I’m struggling…..
  19. NEM

    In the News

    Presume you’ve a separate electricity supplier?
  20. NEM

    In the News

    Reaching AK with Bluto levels of obsession min
  21. NEM

    Connor Ronan

    Never invented it though @rocket_scientist
  22. Why not? One of our better players so far and still one of the fittest at the club
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