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  1. The shite I have heard from the South Stand towards our own players in nothing short of ridiculous. This part of the stadium has some of the worst morons I have ever heard at football from any clubs supporters. If the point of your visit to a match is to abuse the team you have come to SUPPORT take a good look at yourself you have got the whole purpose wrong. I find supporting Aberdeen Football Club a privilege and will always do through thick and thin. I will never find it within myself to abuse an Aberdeen player as I hope they find it within themselves to get a result I crave. Wake up smell the roses and enjoy your team, you might even realise that the team do better when you cheer for them and don't boo.
  2. Yes a lot of positive energy from Ojo tonight he looked tidy, hope that was not a knock he went off with.
  3. Great team effort tonight from a fresh looking side with a better approach than I have seen for years. Players looking happy knowing which direction it takes to score a goal instead of passing all the way back to our ‘playmaker’ Lewis to punt the ball. All very encouraging. And YES this team needed shored up quickly with old heads as last season I never want to see again. The signings all looked good and improved the side but maybe need another striker yet. CR9 looks like he knows how to play as a 9 with good hold up play and got in the 6 yd box to get his goal. All very encouraging so get behind your team stop talking shite and hopefully see an improved team this year.
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