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  1. The photo I saw hes wearing a black t-shirt, wasn't wearing any of their colours.
  2. 100% hes there - a The Rangers fan I was at school with who is on my twitter and in Seville right now posted a photo with him a few hours ago.
  3. If you think thats the only factor that needs considered you really are clueless. One of the players is a journeyman and one is going to have very good career at a high level. Transfer fee reflect whats potentially to come, hence why even the very top players move for much smaller fees in their mid 30s.
  4. Only to be quickly surpassed by this. I can only hope these people aren't been genuine.
  5. This was the most laughable post I have seen in a football forum in years!
  6. You sign him for like 4 years and hes not good enough far from ideal. Tricky blancing act, I think 2 and a half years is okay and it least its not a loan from Atalanta which would concern me more.
  7. https://www.afc.co.uk/2022/01/08/elite-american-college-player-commits-future-to-the-dons/ Good luck - something different with a bit of luck,
  8. To an extent yes but Jack Gurr couldn't do some of those things with an empty pitch or versus an under 8 girls team. Not sure that should be the yardstick mind.
  9. Admitedly if hes not going to be our player some of the above doesn't apply.
  10. I am not against this signing. If it was a run of the mill college player then yes but this guy looks like its possible hes a level about where hes playing the now and could have turned pro earlier. Yes of course its a risk and it could go wrong but thats where we are now the way football is these days. Look at the Sam Cosgrove signing which for all the slagging he now gets on here worked okay for the club. Got his share of goals and left at a substancial profit. The guy would need to step up in this instance but despite playing against a lower standard of player than he will face in the SPL does look like hes got a bit of quality so could be a good addition once he gets up to speed. If the club is ever to get back to where we want then will need to take some risk. Going out and buying the established players who will get us up there with Celtic and The Rangers is unfortunately somewhat unrealistic. Finished articles are outwith our budget so most players incoming will carry a degree of risk. I have a feeling this guy won't be another Jon Gallagher or Jack Gurr. Give him a chance if he comes - he certainly a imposing figure with a good touch on the ball and a good range of passing. Obviously its easy to make a highlights reel look good but the player still needs to have produced those moments and I don't think the other players mentioned previously from the USA (bar Ramirez) have shown much quality at any level.
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