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  1. I recently found a copy of a fanzine from 2001* which had a bit about pittodrie falling apart and the need for a new stadium. *10 Men Went to Mow, anyone remember that?
  2. Ramandu

    Pet Hates

    Away. Reading in the loo is one of life's little pleasures. Can be an oasis of calm in a busy house.
  3. Ramandu

    Toasted Bread

    The crusts get eaten, I'm not a child. Not buying a new toaster for a loaf that isn't good sandwich bread. Then the middle gets done twice. We need to standardise bread size.
  4. Ramandu

    Toasted Bread

    The Scottish Plain stuff? Too tall for the toaster, I end up with 1/4 still bread. The toasted bit is good though.
  5. He hated them, thought they were disrespectful.
  6. Ramandu


    Didn't read the CBS article, so I'm not sure exactly what the claim is. But it seems reasonable to me that a lot of the weapons would not go straight to the front line. If I was fighting a war which was dragging on I'd want to make sure I had a nice big stockpile ready for when I need it in 3 months time. I certainly wouldn't want to be in a position where every new toy I got had to go straight into battle. That'd be bad logistics.
  7. Try the Pub forum, much calmer and friendlier.
  8. You can link accounts if you know the account number, which you should have if you managed to register your kid. If you click on your account, scroll down to My Friends & Family, then click Manage My Relationships. From there you can create a new relationship. It's not that obvious, so if you can't manage, give the ticket office a call, I've always found them helpful.
  9. Ramandu


    That's the one. It had a few arresting images, but I don't remember it being outstanding.
  10. Ramandu


    Did you read the book before watching the film?
  11. Ramandu

    Thread O Twitter

    Bit old for Harry Potter, aren't you?
  12. Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th ABERDEEN 1-0 Motherwell Livingston 1-0 Hibernian Sevco 1-0 St Johnstone St Mirren 0-1 Ross County Kilmarnock 0-1 Celtic Hearts 1-0 Dundee Utd. Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st Hibernian 0-1 Sevco Dundee Utd 1-0 St Mirren Motherwell 1-0 Livingston Ross County 1-0 Kilmarnock St Johnstone 0-1 ABERDEEN Celtic 1-0 Hearts
  13. Danny Ward- getting a chance as a first pick keeper for the first time since... leaving us?
  14. Ramandu

    Thread O Twitter

    Here's a video of some kids battering a snake to save their dog. I think it was @Ke1t who said recently that nobody over the age of 12 has any business dying from a constrictor snake. I was a bit skeptical about that, but am convinced now. https://mobile.twitter.com/_figensezgin/status/1555671168463638528?cxt=HHwWgMC8-e6r7ZYrAAAA
  15. I was a little facetious there. But labour saving devices are good, they make life easier, and make people time-richer. No need to be worried about them from an economic point of view. The worry, as I mentioned before, is the development of AI. Could be a game changer for good or bad (likely both tbh).
  16. No probs. Robot teachers and robot doctors.
  17. Robots no. A fair few smart people are worried about AI developments though. Before the end of this decade we may have general AI, as per the predictions made here: https://www.metaculus.com/questions/3479/date-weakly-general-ai-is-publicly-known/ Skynet to follow shortly after, obviously. I can't bring myself to worry about it though, it seems to crazy to believe.
  18. Ramandu

    In the News

    An appropriate summary of many posters on here. Not any of you guys though...
  19. Ramandu

    In the News

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-62405123 Southend discover they've accidentally ended up with a Rose West Stand. Inspiration for our new stadium?
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