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  1. But but but all those allegedly 'ITK' posters were saying this was a done deal Or perhaps they were LYING and they actually aren't 'ITK' after all
  2. Few years back I met up with an old friend from Uni for a drink and was somewhat amused to find out that he had somewhat gone off the rails and joined a cult in London. He was trying to convince me of a hole at the North Pole that led into the centre of the earth and this was the lair of a race of giants lizards who controlled the world. He was proper convinced it was true albeit he had never seen this himself but the cult leader had photos to prove it. Was actually quite scary as to how utterly convinced he was about this and how angry he was getting with me the more I laughed off his ramblings. Needless to say not seen anything of him since Perhaps the lizards got to him
  3. Some nice all inclusive hotels up in the hills above Benidorm beside the theme parks. Pretty decent and close enough to Benidorm for the odd night out without the kids.
  4. Do we now refer to them as a "Dead Desmond"
  5. Tell you what, it's this new phones spelling app that's shite, nae the fact that I am a dyslexic chunt far Hazelhead who managed to plod on with his life
  6. On the Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
  7. If he lives up to the hype then this could be a fantastic signing and piece of business
  8. Read a few books that discuss this topic and basically it appears he kept all his 'friends' in competition with each other for his attention. Most of the high ranking Nazis hated each other and were constantly trying to dig up dirt on one another. Have you read the Stuart Kerr books with Bernie Gunther? This is the basis on many of his novels. Reinhard Heydrich in particular was an evil bastard.
  9. Given how these are already being discussed in the 2021 thread, let's get the 2022 one up and running. Personally no idea as yet as to what the FFS Family are doing but reckon it will be another staycation. What are your plans?
  10. I cannot see how they can let him play without incurring the wrath of the Aussie population. That would be a clear message of one rule for some and other rules for the rest (which we all know is the case anyway but this has now become a high profile story).
  11. Must be the highest, did they not maintain their usual budget despite being relegated?
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