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  1. For Fecks Sake

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    Hiya Rocket Hiya Pal
  2. For Fecks Sake

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    Makes the posturing over the Cambo field development by the SNP \ Greens Coalition shortsighted. It's ok though we can import our gas from other countries like. The fact that these other countries record higher omissions than us when it comes to Oil and Gas is ok, we'll just conveniently ignore that fact
  3. For Fecks Sake

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    Of course it happens on a daily basis, granted not the marching, but sectarianism incidents do.
  4. For Fecks Sake

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    So glad I live in the North East of Scotland and don't have to live with this type of shite on a daily basis. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-58608676 Stand free
  5. For Fecks Sake

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    Probably all orchestrated by the two of them in an effort for 'likes' and publicity
  6. Well that was utter shite. Ball on the air so much and no threat in the final part of the pitch. Utter pish to watch.
  7. Why does it matter who he votes for? There is so much "whataboutery" in politics it makes the arguments of West coast football pale into insignificance.
  8. For Fecks Sake

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    Not even sure where to start with this one but fucking hell, get a life Ms 'can someone please offer to pay my vet bill for me' Rutherford https://t.co/LG1bezfOPx?amp=1
  9. Think this thread went past that question a long time ago.
  10. Or just pointing out how fucking useless this lot are at times
  11. Piss up & brewery spring to mind here. A very telling quote : "Ferries paid for by the public purse will be manufactured in Eastern Europe or Turkey, that's jobs and value that should be coming to Inverclyde going abroad," said GMB Scotland organiser Gary Cook." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-58561561
  12. For Fecks Sake


    Thats all over social media and quite frankly getting ripped to bits. Just a pity we have a certain percentage of the population who let "celebrities" influence their lives
  13. Tons of those mushrooms throughout Fetteresso woods as well. Got a friend who knows his stuff when it comes to mushrooms and some of the selections he gives me are amazing. Unfortunately for some I am talking about the eating kind with food and not the psychedelic kind! Was standing next to the market Square for the cycling, good to see a massive turnout for it as well.
  14. 2 x Bottles of Spanish white Perla Del Mar along with a Sunday Roast dinner of chicken. Outstanding.
  15. For Fecks Sake

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    "A whole 50p to you if you continue doing that while squatting over my face"
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