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  1. Whatever floats your boat I suppose
  2. Think someone mentioned it in another thread but those fucking Domino Pizza adverts
  3. You seen the size of MT's shoulders? He would rip you apart
  4. For Fecks Sake

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    You think they personally vet every investor
  5. Just back from a meal out with the Family for Father's Day at the Stack in Muchalls. And it was bloody lovely.
  6. Kids can get bank cards at 11 these days as DF stated.
  7. Who would have thought that getting a proper professional senior commercial management team in would drive new ideas, enthusiasm and achievable visions. That bloke Rob comes across as being switched on with a genuine interest in the fans and the match day experience. Agree with tacking what's important first and foremost and what would be "nice to do given the budget". Far cry from "let's get a face painter in shall we" that will do the job
  8. Baguette, pate and cheese. Sparkling water. Calm before the coming storm
  9. Despite saying I wouldn't do it, woke up this morning excited as Parkie is with a new craft beer to sample. Dug out the old flags and cannot wait for tonight's game. Bring it the fuck on and get into these guffy cunts
  10. Up, took kids to school, walk, coffee at Stonehaven harbour relaxing before getting on it this afternoon.
  11. Beautiful day for a walk along the beach at St Cyrus
  12. For Fecks Sake

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    Ahhh well that's cleared that up then and makes perfect sense, let's just move on now shall we, nothing to see here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-57497173
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