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  1. This will come as a bit of a disappointment to you @Matt Armstrong's Dog Jordan McSweeney, now I could be wrong (I have been in the past!) but not sure this bloke will be "brown" as you like to say. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-61925686
  2. Great use of the police and courts time given the bloke obviously has mental health issues. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/crime-courts/4465695/mooning-man-kill-the-kids-comment-under-supervision/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PJ Subscriber Email OB Campaign Feb22 2022-06-28&utm_term=PJ_subscriber_email_ob
  3. Wow, regardless of who did it someone was fucking murdered No need to turn it into a fucking joke just because you are an angry bitter racist (GBN).
  4. Not sure agreeing with the thoughts of a bloke who has had multiple breakdowns on here (no nae you Consie) and who claimed that he invented Cornhill is that good an idea like. Nice way of avoiding the question as well
  5. Of course you would never do that to some of your guests now would you.....
  6. Great as the place Batman stays
  7. You will have read that I agree with your comments re academia and common sense. Seriously, that's just being lazy as fuck getting the landlord to do it when its something that you can easily do yourself. Each to their own I suppose.
  8. The one and only reason you would do this!
  9. That shit can be dangerous, best left to the experts right enough.
  10. Book to sell if you notice
  11. Looked safe as fuck that structure to begin with
  12. I do, two of them. Honours and then a Masters. But if you can be arsed to trawl back I am more than happy to admit that academic qualifications do not equate to being smart, better or whatever you want to call it. Most of the people I know with serious academic qualifications have fuck all common sense or car crashes of private lives. However I reckon they still know how to bleed a radiator.
  13. Have you ever bled a radiator?
  14. Probably as good as you are at washing sheets
  15. Bleeding a radiator is not exactly a skill now is it and any bugger with a bit of nonce can do it. Gas / fire maintenance requires specific training and passing a test in order to do it. Hardly the same thing. Ohhh I live in a block of flats and someone is bleeding their own radiators...are they insane
  16. Check back, it's been covered before. Typical lackey behaviour, asking someone else to do their work for them
  17. Sorry, posting as I help out at the Stonehaven food bank. Will work on a better analogy just for you
  18. Fuck off! So if a lightbulb needs changing the landlord should be doing it
  19. How do you know how someone attains their wealth?
  20. Ok, so you have had a shite experience (love Shaina Twain) but I am sure others can regale you with stories of tenants being as equally cuntish - guess what people can be cunts regardless of their wealth. However labelling someone on their wealth alone is a proper minky, and jealous, trait Also did you not try bleeding the radiator
  21. So just because you own a second property that means your a cunt? Bit like someone someone saying anyone who drinks anything other than Carling is a Cunt. But then again opinions are like arseholes and everyone has one (2 in Consies case).
  22. Are you going to stick to these comments or are you going to come up with exceptions to the rules like you did with the Sir's? You also do know that there is a difference between letting agents and those who actually own the properties right? Chances are letting agents are screwing both those who rent and those who own the properties that they manage in order to make a bit of cash. Perhaps the letting agents are not the problem here and you are in fact a clarty fuck leaving properties in a state
  23. You do love tarring everyone with the same brush while pointing to the extremes when it comes to your jealously of things! If it's not using examples of companies that turnover "billions", folk who own "tens and tens" of properties or folk who have done good and are "selfish millionaires"! Reality is most companies don't turnover anything near that, most folk who own more than 1 property may only have a second home or a few and the vast majority of people who do well for themselves are nowhere near being a millionaire and are probably decent folk. If someone branded everyone unemployed as minky scroungers I am sure you would be on here outraged defending one and all, so don't be surprised if others do the same to you.
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