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  1. Is this you while you are on the hat Henry? (And yes I would kill for hands as smooth as those!)
  2. Early morning beach walks. It's bloody beautiful out there.
  3. Pure mink behaviour that! Rather have a load of pet hates than be racked with anger all the time I reckon.
  4. It's the Pet Hates section, what you expecting folk to post
  5. Aye stuff like that pisses me off. Same as folk in a take away, queing for a bit and when asked what they want they ask for a few minutes to think. Just fuck off with that shit.
  6. Actually quite laid back normally, just hate ditherers or folk who take an age to do simple things
  7. Folk who fill up at petrol stations at a "pay at the pump" bay but then proceed to go into the petrol stations to either pay or buy a load of shopping.
  8. For Fecks Sake

    In The News

    State of those lips on the other burd - like they have been made by a bloke who makes balloon animals at children's parties
  9. Pizza Chipper Indian Chinese - not had a decent Chinese takeaway for a long time, gone massively downhill these past few years.
  10. For Fecks Sake

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    He's also a Hun unfortunately.
  11. Imagine AFC have done their homework before making the decision about stopping taking cash. The figure of 30% stated by Caledonia sounds way too high given that a Scottish Govt survey from 2017 stated "only two per cent of households reported not having a bank or building society account." Either way I cannot see the crowds being affected that much as a result of this move.
  12. Whatever floats your boat I suppose
  13. Think someone mentioned it in another thread but those fucking Domino Pizza adverts
  14. You seen the size of MT's shoulders? He would rip you apart
  15. For Fecks Sake

    In The News

    You think they personally vet every investor
  16. Just back from a meal out with the Family for Father's Day at the Stack in Muchalls. And it was bloody lovely.
  17. Kids can get bank cards at 11 these days as DF stated.
  18. Who would have thought that getting a proper professional senior commercial management team in would drive new ideas, enthusiasm and achievable visions. That bloke Rob comes across as being switched on with a genuine interest in the fans and the match day experience. Agree with tacking what's important first and foremost and what would be "nice to do given the budget". Far cry from "let's get a face painter in shall we" that will do the job
  19. Baguette, pate and cheese. Sparkling water. Calm before the coming storm
  20. Despite saying I wouldn't do it, woke up this morning excited as Parkie is with a new craft beer to sample. Dug out the old flags and cannot wait for tonight's game. Bring it the fuck on and get into these guffy cunts
  21. Up, took kids to school, walk, coffee at Stonehaven harbour relaxing before getting on it this afternoon.
  22. Beautiful day for a walk along the beach at St Cyrus
  23. For Fecks Sake

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    Ahhh well that's cleared that up then and makes perfect sense, let's just move on now shall we, nothing to see here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-57497173
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