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  1. So we definitely need 2 more strikers if/when he leaves.
  2. Let's be realistic. They haven't signed anyone yet, presumably due to lack of funds. No way they are going to come in and pay us 2 million. Anything less wouldn't be considered regardless of who made the bid.
  3. Imagine posting like that and thinking you're normal.
  4. With the squad starting to come together, would it be better for fergie to stay with us another season?
  5. Sounds like he's thought he'll just wait till August and see if someone else comes in for him.
  6. The father in law tells me one of his contractors doing work at Cormack Park said they seen him training
  7. Would be fucking embarrassing if Considine ends up back here next season.
  8. You can skip pay wall sites by using the following: https://12ft.io/ Affa handy
  9. Well put it this way, if he goes down there and has an absolute stormer, would you take him back?
  10. Except we won't have a trophy off the back of it.
  11. Aye, well done to the supposed ITK bullshitters falling for a fake Italian signing on twitter this evening.
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