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    In the News

    I don't think it's as exciting as that, MAD. The stuff referred to in this article is before a Bill us even introduced into Parliament - her lawyers or whoever appear to get a chance to see if anything might harm her estates etc. If they see anything then they'll probably look to protect her interests and get something altered. In Scottish terms, this'll all have happened before a Bill is formally introduced to the parliament and can be scrutinised by MSPs. When a Bill is sent to the Palace for Royal Assent (her signature as you put it), it's highly unlikely that there is going to be anything in the Bill that she'd be against. There is a timeframe from the point a Bill is passed in Parliament where it could be challenged/objected to (28 or 40 days is what's in my head) but inevitably Royal Assent is given and formalises a Bill becoming an Act of Parliament.
  2. The Buzzard


    Was pretty sure I've also been hit by it over last 24 hours but tests are coming back negative. Felt a bit shit yesterday morning but out it down to tiredness and needing a munch. Started the walking it off process by heading to the pub yesterday afternoon. As the night went on I felt like my head was gonna explode, body ached and stomach doing somersaults. Still the same today and got absolutely no energy.
  3. Was McLaughlin not away getting married and that's why he wasn't called up?
  4. Train timetables have forced me to come in earlier than required for haircut appointment. Golden T is helping ease the pain. picture uploading
  5. The Buzzard


    I got them out a wee sandwich shop in Linlithgow when we were there earlier today. Never seen them anywhere else before. Think there was a truffle and rosemary pack, and a cheese and port kind too.
  6. The Buzzard


    Had these earlier. Lovely.
  7. I've been playing this song a lot lately, fucking love it. I cannot think for the life of me where I first heard it though.
  8. Ah no. Sorry if I missed that from you, Hanzo.
  9. Brewdog day afternoon Fierce creatures Xanaduvel Enter the Dragon Soop Estrella Damm Busters
  10. Music festival? My gaffer is over at that one that you had been mentioning.
  11. Not for tonight but one of the upsides to having one of her relatives that lives in Belgium come to stay for a week.
  12. The Buzzard

    In the News

    Yeah he might well do. Just posting it up here for those who might come here before looking at news sites in the morning though!
  13. The Buzzard

    In the News

    Quite possibly the beginning of the end for Boris now? Confidence vote to take place now that enough Tories have said enough is enough
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