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    I've no doubt there is already a thread for this somewhere but I'm not going looking for it. Was catching up on some of the posts from the news thread and saw some biscuit chat. Anyway, I had one of these recently for the first time in a while. A proper biscuit.
  2. I expected Gallagher to be a really good signing and assumed he'd just got off to a slow start. Starting to doubt that viewpoint now. Best I've seen him was I the Hearts match, despite the penalty, when it was a bit of a battle later in 2nd half. Hopefully he pulls himself out the rut or at least we see the coaching staff decide on a formation and settled line up in defence.
  3. Future of Scottish coaching in safe hands there it seems.
  4. Worth the trip then I'd say. Enjoy all of it then!
  5. I'd definitely recommend. She was impressed with it and the dressing on it. I thought it was neither here nor there. Cauliflower fritters and the haggis were the leading lights for me. Well I'd suggest either taking her with you or going here after you've done the business because I am still tasting it! More importantly, how did you get in tow with an Edinburgh lass for a ride? Long trip.
  6. Never touched the desserts. Rarely do when out for food. Savoury over sweet.
  7. Picked this up from Tesco tonight if anybody likes this. £5 image uploader
  8. 2 of us. I'd say we over ordered and should have given the sides a miss. The waitress upsold me on needing those. They were good but could have easily done without. That aside, very good food and place was full. Hate an empty and quiet restaurant.
  9. I'll be able to answer that positively at circa 0815 tomorrow.
  10. Was at a place called Baba on George St in Edinburgh. Dishes marked in yellow, below. microsoft surface logo
  11. Put myself in the shoes of the Hat's most voracious eater @Bad_Mobby and had a go at this at lunchtime. Absolutely fucking stuffed
  12. Cheers man. Appreciated! I thought you meant me there but you mean RS, yeah!? Thought I had a mind blank.
  13. The Buzzard

    In The News

    Has MAD been on this week?
  14. The Buzzard

    In The News

    Who was the whip round for? ps. There has been some fantastic posts in this thread today.
  15. Wee loosener before a bottle of MSB.
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