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  1. The Buzzard


    Unlikely I'll be able to provide an update today. Not back at work yet and out for the day. Forgot to bring my work phone with me. Sorry, lads!
  2. Aye I go with the Acca every week regardless of the picks. Hate the thought of missing out on a winning one!
  3. Aye I am wondering what the fuck I was thinking with that pick now.
  4. QPR v Rotherham - both teams to score and QPR to win. 3/1
  5. The Buzzard


    You might get more details on that in questions afterwards. I was skimming again.
  6. The Buzzard


    I think they are moving towards LFTs being a definitive result now. Rather than getting a positive LFT then sending for a PCR to confirm you treat the LFT as gospel. Negative = crack on. Positive = isolate.
  7. The Buzzard


    Yeah. No further restrictions being added abd with a view to deciding where we are at come 17 January. General sense I got was that they know they can't curtail omicron much more and it needs to be a case of definitely living with it now - she says it's unlikely to be the last variant.
  8. The Buzzard


    From midnight tonight - isolation can be ended after 7 days as long as you have no fever and record two negative lateral flow tests two days in a row. That's for positive cases. For close contacts, and you are fully vaccinated, you won't be required to self isolate but you need to do a lateral flow test every day for 7 days.
  9. The Buzzard

    In The News

    I need a lover. Remember it well.
  10. I prefer their muscle soak bubble bath.
  11. It appears to be. Just seen a trailer for it there.
  12. Congrats! That's ours 8 weeks old now but feels like she's been here 8 years. Fucking constantly feel jet lagged!
  13. Said the same yesterday on the Pet Hates thread about new year progs. Sure they used to be live.
  14. Tastes like fruit salad sweets when mixed. Fucking taste sensation.
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