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    If anybody is ever sitting in a workshop for my line of work you'll know it's me giving the presentation because she appears in about 3 of the slides.
  2. Wycombe to beat Crewe 4/9. I'm taking Wycombe -1 on my own line when I put this on. Obviously offers better value at 11/10 should anybody fancy a better return.
  3. The Buzzard


    I bought a Caramilk today based on your recommendation. Guaranteed I'll probably choke to death on a square of it later.
  4. Honest to fuck, you couldn't write it when it comes to your predictions at times, @Dad. It's unreal!
  5. The Buzzard


    No fucking wonder if Monday's activities carried on into yesterday.
  6. The Buzzard


    Kitkats have upped their game in the last few years. Salted caramel and popcorn one is superb. Yorkie or Boost are my go to's most of the time though.
  7. I agree, but we're at a point where we need to consider the immediate situation rather than worry about two years down the line just now. I know Strachan is not universally popular but can you imagine the job he'd do if he had the same backing as Glass has had? He'd definitely improve the organisation and 99% of the players we currently have IMO.
  8. I think Strachan would sort shit out and with Scott Brown already here I think you have the next manager in place learning the ropes before taking over.
  9. Earthshot. Could also be in the TV series thread. A strange mix of inspiring and depressing watching how the planet is fucked but then seeing glimmers of hope in new innovations in trying to stop climate change. Nae tits
  10. Paid a visit earlier too but I couldn't get the Supernova as it was sold out. Off the grog for now so I just got a couple of the broughton whisky cask ones, the Hopo, Loch and the St Andrew's brewery one for keeping stored away for now. Oh and I think the Hare of the Dog one.
  11. Some good stuff on YouTube with the rubberbandits but dunno if they're as much into comedy these days.
  12. Hanz - Lidl day. Reminder as promised
  13. All part of the service. Awards season soon so starting to get on the campaign trail.
  14. Hope you've circled it then. I'll remind you tomorrow if you like?
  15. Lidl beer festival from this Thursday.
  16. Yep. Croatia 3 v 1 Slovakia. That was a great evening on the Hat.
  17. Anybody remember Tommy Cooper keeling over and dying during a Sunday night variety show on tv?
  18. Local golf club doing an Oktoberfest so expecting a good sesh later. Out for a run beforehand.
  19. I know fuck all about that project was just a general question seeing as I occasionally speak with someone there. Trying to remember if union terrace ever gets mentioned.
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