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  1. Would also forego a pudding in favour of a coffee. Although the local golf club does a good value 3-courser during the week and I've got stuck into a knickerbocker glory.
  2. Caprese salad - italian mixed pakora - Indian soup or a haggis Bon Bon type thing - pub grub
  3. Would probably get in with that type of get up these days.
  4. Yeah. It's an art gallery now.
  5. Think it had about 3 names after that. Mercado and Electric Circus were two of them that I remember.
  6. Bought that on Saturday. Must have been the only thing in the club shop not on sale. Now I know why!
  7. Is there anywhere busy in Aberdeen on a Sunday. Genuine recommendations please!
  8. On one of your Saturday afternoon recommendations. Good call.
  9. Didn't even get to that point in the night where I could take any. Apparently there was a line fest in one of the other boy's room last night.
  10. Moretti. Was in my bed at 7pm last night. Burst.
  11. The Buzzard


  12. That fucking advert with Ewan McGregor in it just now. Trivago I think it is.
  13. Yep. I think MHD did what needed to be done. Held his own in regards to enforcing pub rules with the pool table and stood solo against any that fancied taking him on.
  14. 3 dayer in Aberdeen this weekend. What's the best boozers for a group of 40 something guys?
  15. Me and the bairn are oot drinkin and hoping tae meet up with @Arabian Knight and nae neck at Hunter square later.
  16. Anybody been watching that Winning Time about the LA Lakers on Sky? Quite enjoyed the first couple of episodes. Plenty swearing and sex chat but not too many tits yet. Funny and worth a go.
  17. Pigsy was a right creepy looking fucker. Did he wave his hand across his mouth to get the cloud to appear?
  18. Or if you are lucky, it's only a few quid to go so it's a pair of socks.
  19. Yep. Always do a good bit internet browsing and then purchase the best pair I can find at the biggest discount!
  20. That's what I wanted to say but I couldn't be fucked with anybody saying it's doing folk out of a job or shit like that.
  21. It's not something I have ever felt the need to do. Have a quick skim through this and see the bit about working out your gait using a wet bit of paper or something if you feel you need to. A bathroom tile is also just as useful. https://www.advnture.com/features/what-is-your-running-gait-type-and-why-do-you-need-to-understand-how-you-run
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