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  1. He’s defo not being loaned out, and going direct into the first team squad - was confirmed by Klopp yesterday. Meteoric rise for the young man, just hope he does himself justice, and gets some minutes on the pitch
  2. There is not a chance we will pay that for him, when we can wait 4 months and get him for free. interestingly I was looking at transfermkt and noticed Murray Wallace is free from Millwall - 29, left footed ch….. wages will be an issue, but could be our mystery man
  3. Na not a chance, Bates is far better than Gallagher. Shown in the last game of the season, when next to consi he was rock solid - until Gallagher came on and then turned to ratshit.
  4. There is a phase 2 development, which is basically to put a tin shed over one of the full sized 4G pitches, however this was postponed due to covid. It’s still on the todo list, if we can get 2Mil form somewhere (thanks McKenna )
  5. Shinnie has 2 years left on his Wigan contract, no way we’re signing him
  6. Found an article on the Evening Express website - out for 3 months with an ankle injury. That’ll be the end of him I would think.... https://wpcluster.dctdigital.com/eveningexpress/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/aberdeen-defender-michael-devlin-facing-ankle-operation-and-three-months-out/
  7. Anyone know when the tribunal date is? I have a horrible feeling this is having a major impact on our recruitment.
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