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  1. No mercy here from AZ none of this game management shite they just keep going for the throat. Great to see it's how football should be.
  2. I think his best game for us was is when he came on as a half time sub we were 2-1 down at home to Livingston and struggling and he turned the game around. But that was only 45 minutes and it was way back in December 18.
  3. Exactly. To finish in the top 3 and get to cup semi-finals and finals we need a squad of players everyone will get plenty game time. The days of outfield players being guaranteed to play every week are over you need options which we just didn't have when Goodwin arrived hence why I never judged him on last season.
  4. So are some of Celtic's players but their quality more than makes up for it hopefully it'll be the same with this lad he's already done more than the more established Longstaff did in his whole time here. I agree it's early days but technically he looks excellent. Be good to see him and Barron in the same side.
  5. Going by what Goodwin has said previously he definitely likes playing with a back 4 so not sure we will see us playing with a back 3 too often.
  6. Hearts have lost probably their best 2 outfield players from last season in Souttar and Simms time will tell if they've adequately replaced them. Kingsley and MacKay are good players and Gordon will still win them a lot of points. There's no reason to fear them we should absolutely believe we can finish in the top 3 this season. Boyle will make a big difference to Hibs.
  7. I think if Bates leaves Goodwin will bring in one more defender on top of the creative midfielder he still wants. I expect McLennan and Watkins will leave before the end of the window.
  8. Yip. No point putting this boy on the bench after today's performance he deserves to start the next game.
  9. We had loads of Scottish players consistently in the starting 11 last season (Gallagher, Ramsay, Bates, MacKenzie, Brown, Ferguson, McCrorie, Barron etc) it didn't really do us much good though. We have just sold two for £7m+ part of the club's strategy is there will be opportunities for the best players from the academy to break through providing they are good enough. If this season's team is far better than what we had to endure last year then where the players come from won't truly bother anyone. As I said the path is there for our best young players we have seen that in recent seasons but they have to prove they are good enough and I'd say right now (with the exception of Barron) we haven't got one quite ready to play in our first XI week in week out yet. We're not going to produce a Calvin Ramsay every single year. Someone like Ryan Duncan probably needs to go out on loan first.
  10. Exactly. Competition for places is exactly what we need JG identified that was a major issue when he arrived as he wanted to change things but couldn't as he had virtually no options. He said he wants competition for places in every position no-one to be guaranteed a start. I'm on board with that either play well consistently or you're on the bench. That's exactly how it should be.
  11. From the clips I've seen and what I've heard of him he's a more deep lying midfielder. He can certainly pick a pass and looks very composed. Not sure if he would excel in AM.
  12. Possibly. Although if Ronan misses out on Wolves' 25 man squad I still think JG will try and bring him here. Hopefully Clarkson will be a lot more like Maddison than Longstaff. We have finally signed a player this summer who has started a Champions League game and for a club that has won it 6 times
  13. That's the boy Clarkson signed from Liverpool on a season long loan.
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