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  1. I would agree that Lewandowski is Poland's greatest ever player. Deyna was a great player as was Gregoryz Lato. Boniek was true world class in the 80's that hat-trick he scored against Belgium in the 82 World Cup second round was special. He won the European Cup, Super Cup and Cup Winners Cup for Juventus scoring the winner in two of those finals. Juventus were probably the best club team in the world in the early to mid 80's. The fact that we were so close to signing one of their star players seems like complete fantasy stuff now. As NEM said modern football is shite.
  2. You think Souttar will leave in this window or in the summer skins? I really hope he doesn't go to the huns. Souttar leaving Hearts on a free (especially if he joins them) after they stood by him through two terrible potential career ending injuries just shows that players have zero loyalty these days. Money will always talk unfortunately and is why clubs like Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs will always lose their best players.
  3. To think that in the mid 80's we almost signed the great Zbignew Boniek from Juventus. Apparently the deal was agreed until Juventus had a late change of heart. There was a 2 foreigner rule back in those days. Boniek was one of the world's greatest players in the 80's it's basically between him and Lewandowski as to who is the greatest Polish player of all time. Changed days right enough.
  4. I think Killie fans will be pleased with the appointment McInnes certainly had the Indian sign over them when he was Dons manager. No matter who the manager is they will never play pretty football on that pitch and with the predicament they are currently in results on the park will take precedence over style. With a bit of luck he will come in for the likes of McGinn and Kennedy this month.
  5. 4 wins in the last 5 looks decent and most of us would probably have taken that but we are still on the whole so unconvincing. And the fact is we lost the toughest game of the last 5 against a team we should have been far fresher than on the night. The squad needs properly sorted out there's too much deadwood and too many injury prone players. Glass still has so much to prove but he will definitely get at least the full season to do so.
  6. Campbell in for Brown so I assume Broony is injured.
  7. Hibs could do far worse than appoint McInnes. I'm sure he would do a good job there for a few years anyway. His time here was up and it got very stale near the end (but then it usually does with manager's who stay in one post as long as he did) but overall he was a very good and consistent manager for us. The product on display was eye bleeding at times especially near the end (though not always in other periods we were a good watch scoring plenty of goals). At the end of the day Scotland is a low budget league where teams play eye bleeding football a large majority of the time. St Johnstone won two cups last season doing just that.
  8. Brave man predicting we will keep a clean sheet. Those are very rare for this Aberdeen team we haven't kept a single clean sheet in 12 away games this season and have only kept 3 at home. I obviously hope you are right today though.
  9. There are a couple of reasons the first being Gallagher is available again and he ideally needs minutes before the Hibs game. Plus McCrorie is a far better RB than Ojo. I wonder what McCrorie himself thinks is his best position and where he ideally wants to play. At the start of the season no-one had McCrorie as a first pick centre back he was viewed as a central midfielder who could fill in at CB or RB as and when required. Interesting to see that we are unbeaten in our last 9 visits to McDiarmid Park. It is one of those fixtures that just seems to suit the away side for some reason. Hopefully that continues tomorrow.
  10. Wonder if Glass might put McCrorie at RB in this game and bring Gallagher back in alongside Bates. Lewis McCrorie Bates Gallagher Hayes Brown Ferguson JET Hedges Watkins CR9 2-1 to the Dons we are long overdue an away win.
  11. Big 3 games coming up for us if we can somehow win all 3 we should be right back in the mix for europe and 3rd place. Will be tough at St Johnstone but we tend to do better against them away from home. Hibs have to play 4 times before they play us (the cup final is 3 days before the game) whereas we only have to play once so hopefully we can take advantage of their fixture congestion. And we really need to be beating Dundee at home. Win those games and the home fixture against the huns takes care of itself. Glass really needs to start winning games away from home no time like the present.
  12. Exactly. If Glass can negotiate two wins from our next two games away to St Johnstone and Hibs he might just start winning over some of the doubters.
  13. A badly needed win. Let's hope we can go on a consistent run now and move up the table. Plenty of games coming up thick and fast in the coming weeks we could really do with some of the injured players back we have zero cover in defence.
  14. We all know Glass isn't the man for the job it's been obvious for long enough now. I don't blame him he was obviously going to jump at the job when it was offered to him and he has been unlucky with defensive injuries but regardless he is clearly just not up to managing a club of our stature. Cormack won't remove him until things get desperate and DC won't feel it's reached that point yet. Regardless of his radio rant a few weeks ago privately Cormack must be starting to seriously doubt if Glass can turn this around even if he won't say it publicly.
  15. Problem is we badly need points now and the injuries just keep mounting up. That's Brown and McGeough both injured today as well. Livingston and St Mirren will both be smelling blood when they come to Pittodrie next week we're down to the bare bones. Glass is surely on his last legs now.
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