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  1. Yeah 3 major trophies since 1962. A shocking record for a club that promotes itself as Scotland's third biggest. According to skins' logic had Hearts actually won the league title that day at Dens in 1986 (this was still in the Fergie AFC era) he would never mention it now as he'd be too embarrassed due to him being around 50 and not being an adult at the time. Too long ago to ever mention or be relevant. And if you believe that you'll believe anything. To this day that would have been by far his greatest moment as a Hearts fan regardless of him not being an adult and would easily surpass any of the SC's he watched them win as a proper bonafide adult. To say he would never mention it consistently to back up his opinion of Hearts' credentials as a club due to it being won in the Fergie era is bollocks. Yet when we mention leagues and european trophies won in the same era it's apparently embarrassing. Go figure. Skins is right about one thing though Aberdeen have been utter shite in terms of winning major trophies since 1990. Glass needs to address that stat and rectify it quickly. Skins and I are of a similar age but would I swap my memories of watching Aberdeen for his of watching Hearts since we both caught the football bug? I think we all know the answer to that. But deep down he knows he would swap experiences in a flash. He knows he will never see his club win the league title or european trophies.
  2. I agree we should keep extra-time like for all cup ties that are just one off games like domestic cups, all cup finals, World Cup and Euros knock-out games. But any home and away two leg ties I think it's fair to scrap extra-time and just go straight to penalties.
  3. I'd say Lafferty is a cert to go back to Hearts considering he recently said he wants to stay in Scottish football. If that is still the case Hearts is the only realistic location for him.
  4. Very unusual for a non Glasgow Scottish club to win 3 trophies from 3 finals in only 7 years. Even more unusual that none of those finals were against the huns or Celtic. Fair play to them.
  5. Great achievement by St Johnstone. May and Bryson both leave Aberdeen for St Johnstone and they win the same amount of major trophies in the space of 3 months that we have won in the last 30 years which is a depressing thought. Fair play to them though.
  6. Ferguson will leave and to be fair when he came here it was obvious if he did well and developed he would want to move on to a higher level. That's where we are at as a club we are not going to be able to hang onto our young talent long term. We saw it with McKenna and Cosgrove we are a club that can give these guys a platform to develop and potentially get a move to a higher profile league where they can earn far more money. That's the model for most Scottish clubs. Hopefully as a club we continue to make sure we are in a position where we no longer lose our best players for next to nothing and instead get 7 figure fees for them. Too often we have lost our best players for relative peanuts. And we will always lose our best players especially the younger established ones. If we get £3m-£4m for Ferguson and a 20% sell on fee after having him in the first team for 3 years that's very good business and is what we need to be doing on a more regular basis.
  7. Shocking defending and shocking finishing so no surprise it was 4-0. You won't win many games of football when you are utter shite in both boxes no matter how good your general play is. We gift wrapped the huns 3 goals.
  8. We will do well to keep this down to 3-0. Not fair to judge Glass on tomorrow's inevitable humping. Many Dons players out there tomorrow won't be bothered and will be more preoccupied with not getting injured. Next season is the time to properly judge Glass.
  9. This is the phrase huns regularly use that confirms just how unbelievably thick the majority of their fans are. Because some of them actually believe it. A football club from europe who have never been champions of that continent (or even reached the final of either the European Cup or Champions League) are somehow the world's most successful football club? More successful than Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Ajax and AC Milan apparently. That's like saying big Gary Cornish of Inverness is the most successful heavyweight boxer of all time because he won more Scottish title fights than the likes of Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis won world title fights. Planet Hun never ceases to amaze me. As far as I'm concerned Celtic (despite my dislike for them) are Scotland's most successful football club. They won the cup with big ears and also reached the final on one other occasion. That trumps anything the huns have ever achieved. I detest the both clubs but those are the facts.
  10. That is true but we are a better team than United. Their keeper got injured the other night if he is missing next week that's a big loss for them. I'm confident we will turn them over.
  11. Great chance now to get to the semis nothing to fear from United. A bit of luck with the draw and against all odds considering our crap form this year we could find ourselves in the final. By that time Glass and Russell would have had far more time with the players. Here's hoping it could still end up being a great season.
  12. We pretty much know that we won't score in this game so the question is will St Johnstone? I think they will. They are in far better form than we are. 1-0 to St J.
  13. It's a very dry bobbly surface but it's no excuse for the shite that is on display from those in red shirts.
  14. This is just dire. Utter garbage. The pitch is poor but the total lack of threat against a part time team playing their fourth game in the last eight days is shocking.
  15. Brown is a cunt. But the last great team we had were full of cunts that would kick their granny to win. We've had players who were once pantomime villains when we played against them sign for us in the past the likes of Roy Aitken. Brown is a proven winner. If he does the business on the pitch and raises the level and mentality of those around him both on the park and on the training pitch I can live with him being a cunt. The more cunts with his desire and winning mentality in a Dons jersey the better as far as I'm concerned.
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