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  1. I hear what you are saying but in the grand scheme of things very few players no matter where they come from make it in the game. What we have with Dante is that he is regarded at being the best in the US at that level. If anyone has a chance of making it then he must stand more than a decent chance. ( although Joseph Lapira was the same. Anyone mind him?) It’s going to be a big step up for him and a big culture change but he seems to have the technical ability, physical attributes and after the listening to the podcast with his coach, the right mentality to make it across here. Have a funny feeling this lad could be a star for us.
  2. Certainly looks as if he will arrive today. He has an Italian passport but not sure if that helps in the visa process these days. Might we see a cameo on Tuesday night ?
  3. It would make sense that if Blackburn have cooled their interest in Hedges then it would also stall any chance of Mcgrath heading north this month. Hopefully still get him on pre contract though.
  4. In Cormacks defence he was denying a tweet about Jenks leaving and said that we don’t need to sell anyone and if we did it would be on our terms.. technically we don’t. I think Glass’s quotes were more along the size of the squad and letting fringe guys go who weren’t getting a game. I may have missed a quote or two though so stand to be corrected
  5. To be fair. If anyone offered 3m for Ferguson I reckon we would have snapped their hands off by now. We maybe holding out for more cash for Hedges as we don’t have a suitable replacement lined up. He may be worth more to us just staying until end of season. I think McGrath is holding out for an English team tbh. I’m not pant pishing just yet as most deals are done towards the end of the window.
  6. We are only likely to sell a player if a club meets our valuation. That hasn’t happened yet. The danger of signing players in the hope that someone is sold is a bit of a gamble. You may also get more cash for a player if you do sell so then you can go out and get a better quality player.
  7. Probably a waiting game at the moment. A lot of our activity will be dependant on acceptable bids coming in for any of our players. In a perfect world any business would be done early but the reality is it very rarely happens. If we agree a fee for any of our players it’s likely to kick start the incomings. Hopefully they are all lined up.
  8. Ask any player and I would bet the majority would prefer a grass pitch. I don’t think I have watched 1 decent game on a synthetic pitch.
  9. Looks as if crowds allowed back next week.
  10. Hibs have signed a Belgium defender on loan from Norwich. 6 new players if you include the 2 they signed in summer. Hearts also signed Aussie internationalist.
  11. Completely off topic but I still mind the feeling when the rumours started about Charlie Nicholas. The whole town was buzzing. There’s a good interview with him on the club website about the whole move if ye can be arsed.. anyway has McGrath signed yet ?
  12. Yep. Sounds fairly basic but he plays with his head up. Can see whats going on around him and makes quick decisions. Appears to be very comfortable playing with both feet as well which is a rare trait these days. Really looking forward to seeing this lad play. Anyone know if he is here at the moment or will it take a few weeks to get visa sorted ?
  13. Maybe whatever we are saving on the 3 loanees will pay for McGraths wages. That being said it doesn’t look great for the club that all 3 loanees have all had their loans cut short. Might make other clubs think twice about letting their players come to us on loan.
  14. Aye, I made a couple complete arse of that.. I thought McGrath was only 21-22. Still think he could be a decent enough signing though. Hopefully we will have a couple of new faces before the huns game a week on Tuesday
  15. That’s a fair point. Must admit I thought he was a lot younger. Still, I think he will be a decent signing if we get him
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