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  1. A lot of truth in this. I reckon Glass and Cormack may have thought it was going to be a lot easier to get the players they wanted in than it’s turned out. Still a fair but of time to get the right players in though. I suppose the danger of signing players early is that you may miss out on better players later in the window. Will also depend if any players move on. I still get the feeling that we will sign 2-3 players at most.
  2. Glass didn’t give much away during his interview today. The usual working hard behind the scenes, taking our time to get the right player in. Certainly didn’t give the impression that any new signings were imminent. He actually admitted that he didn’t realise how hard signing players were.
  3. So that’s Brown, Gallagher, Jet, Jenks signed with Gurr, Ramirez likely to sign in the next few days. Maybe another 1-2 in unless we see some leave ??
  4. For anyone who is interested some of the training gear is now on line. A couple of the training shirts would be decent home abs away kits.
  5. Brighton midfielder Teddy Jenks being mentioned on Twitter. Highly rated English youth player.
  6. There was another picture of the away top doing the rounds on Twitter. Was the same design as the concept picture further up the thread but had a slightly different vneck collar. Looked really smart. Both kits this year are a massive improvement on last years efforts.
  7. I tend to agree. I just can’t see on what basis he would be granted a work permit. Unless he has a British Granny it’s either tier 2 or elite sportsperson visa. Looking at the criteria required for both its going to be extremely difficult for the club to argue the case for him getting a permit.
  8. This is a genuine question but do we have a good youth academy set up ? Always wondered what these guys are benchmarked on ? Are they expected to get 1-2 players into first team squad every year? we’ve seen Campbell , Ramsay and Mackenzie last season. McKenna and Wright came through the system in recent times but should we be producing more. Genuine question as I don’t pay much attention to the youths and don’t know if we under or over achieve.
  9. Will give this thread a bump as there is feck all else going on. Last seasons home top down to a tenner now. Would imagine they will release the home kit in the next couple of weeks.
  10. You are correct it’s just guess work. I did say IF he was talking to clubs tho. Must admit I did find it just a bit odd that he posted a picture of being in London a few days after reported Watford interest was in the papers and his transfer request was turned down. Have my doubts that was just a holiday pic..
  11. If he is talking to other clubs then it must be with our permission. I wonder if we have told him that if a club offers x then you can talk to them.
  12. I would like to think we will see some activity this week. Mainstand guys “interesting” 10 days is now into its third week so maybe some deals to bring players in are being more problematic than first thought. Ramirez to be the next signing ?
  13. If the recent tweets are genuine then he certainly looks like he is on his way to us. The club will seriously have to pull out the stops to get him work permit though.
  14. P&J reporting our interest in Ramirez. Work permit being biggest obstacle
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