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  1. 11pm in Scotland as well I think.
  2. We probably got Longstaff in the event of an acceptable bid coming in for Ferguson. That doesn’t look likely now so he performs for us in the next 3 months he will get his move in January. A couple of caps in that time will help bump up his value. I predict there won’t be any incomings but we will see McGeouch, Kennedy and Ruth head out the door sold or on loan.
  3. A move to either may be better for his bank balance but awful for his career. I think he will stay until at least January. I actually hope he does.
  4. Scott Burns suggesting McGrath is heading to England.
  5. Of course I do. I could have phrased that post a bit better. Would rather him stay for as long as possible. He may well be the most valuable asset we have come the end of the season.
  6. I reckon Ferguson will be with us until January now. Can’t see any team coming in with a bid that matches our valuation. Likely teams will chance their hand with another shit bid and the rest of the week his Dad will be on Sportsound moaning like fuck. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few teams sniffing about Calvin Ramsay. Would a sale then loan back for a season type deal be a possibility?
  7. I would imagine any cash that we had has gone on part of Longstaffs wages. Still think we will get 1 more in but will need to see 2-3 leave.
  8. Was expecting the club to have announced Bates by now. Especially with DC talking about breaking news earlier.
  9. Yeah , heard that but I wasn’t overly convinced. He then went on to say that things will change for all clubs if acceptable bids come in for their players. I thought he was trying to get Derek Ferguson to jump into the conversation but he wasn’t biting. We may see 1 more come in if a couple leave.
  10. Hope the council open up the beach by Thursday. Traffic on king street has been an absolute nightmare the last week. If you are driving to the game and the beach is closed I would strongly advise parking a wee bit further away and walking.
  11. Heart says we will rest 4-5 players and will come away with 2-1 win. Head says we will rest 4-5 players and need to throw them on at half time to rescue game as we will be 2-0 down… massive week for club starts today.. COYR…
  12. Can’t stop thinking about how important this game is to the club. It’s season defining. Win and we could be looking at adding 2-3 quality to the squad and put us on a decent footing financially. Lose, and things could unravel and go to rat shit very quickly.
  13. Their number 5 was sent off earlier in the round and served a 1 match ban. He has only been booked twice since so likely to be able to play next week. Only one suspended is their midfielder Andrade. ( love mysterious girl ) Won’t be a surprise but they appear to be far better away from home. We will have to put in some performance next week if we are to get through.
  14. I think you may well be close to the truth with the player keen to come and we are just testing the water with a first bid. It’s been pretty well documented that we have been interested in him for months now. When Glass and Gunn did that interview a few weeks back Boyle was the only player outwith the club Glass mentioned by name. A bid of maybe 600k + player (McGeouch) may tempt them tho.
  15. Very possibly. This 500k must be coming from somewhere. It could well be that Ferguson could be off sooner rather than later. It would give is a bit of time to source 2-3 players before the second leg. ( if we are allowed to do that ) Boyle obviously ineligible but hopefully not the only one we have bid / enquired about.
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