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  1. He is slightly backtracking now , but he was certainly leading the twitter account for dons podcast along tonight. Maybe a deal has been agreed tonight but nae sure he should be liking or commenting on specific players until deals done. Cant see Goodwin or Gunn being too happy about it. Anyway, he did confirm Ramadani s visa is sorted and he will hook up in Spain with squad
  2. Other than Millwall and the Bologna link has there actually been any other interest in Ferguson? I could see us dealing at 2.5m but not convinced any club will pay that.
  3. Are we likely to see any further incomings / outgoings this week? Maybe the foreign lads will be allowed to meet up with the team in Spain?
  4. He’s not up at Buckie either. My guess is he will end up at Hearts
  5. It is. Orders delivered on 4th and on sale in shop on 5th August
  6. Dare I mention the fact Barron is modelling the new kit may suggest that he isn’t going anywhere soon
  7. I think the fans are going to like these kits… stunning
  8. So we can safely say the new away kit isn’t white then. I think the away kit may be revealed tomorrow and we may have to wait a bit for the home one
  9. Yep. 100% from the Hunter interview. There was enough in that hour for the rags to regurgitate it some way or form for about 6 months.
  10. Fuck it. I’m not going to work today. Industrial action required.
  11. You forgot the white socks.. There will be clubs reviewing their contracts with Adidas I would guess. A few have already left. Noticed Leicester revealed their kit yesterday with a “coming soon” note. Not even a date when you can buy it. Ours will likely be revealed today / tomorrow.. unless we intend to go skins up at Buckie
  12. Holiday ruined. Shameful. You should write a strongly worded letter to the club shop.
  13. So are we expecting a striker to sign tomorrow or not ?
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