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  1. And then puts an unbelievable pass in behind the Sheffield defence for Forests goal..
  2. Wee bit of patience required. I’m sure it will come out this week. The club are probably looking to announce it in one go so maybe there’s still negotiating with players who are still in contract to release them. I have a feeling though that we won’t be releasing as many as some of us would like.
  3. Swedish international keeper Oscar Linner is apparently training with us at the moment according to someone on Pie & Bovril
  4. BBC gossip page linking us with Conor Ronan. Good to see a few names starting to be banded about. I suppose we will be “genuinely interested” in a lot of players at the moment. Whether we can actually get these guys to sign is another thing completely.
  5. JG certainly gives a decent press conference. Proof will be in the pudding of course over the summer and into next season. You just get the impression that the atmosphere in the dressing room is awful and that he just can’t wait to get the 10-11 players away from the club so he can get his own players. Practically admitted that some of the players that he told were not getting new contracts were pissed off and were possibly subconsciously not giving their all. He was asked directly if he regretted telling them so early and said no. He said these players are simply not good enough for Aberdeen and if they came to him asking if they were for a new contract he wasn’t going to wait 6 weeks he just told them there and then. He did sound a bit more upbeat of getting players so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a lot of activity next week. Full of praise for St Mirren and singled out Alnwick , Shughnessey and Ronan. Said he has spoken to Shug a few times since leaving St M. Interesting few weeks / months ahead. Massive job ahead for him but willing to give him a chance.
  6. Goodwin confirmed they pulled him from the Scottish squad. Basically will be same squad as Wednesday but I would be amazed if Hayes is involved.
  7. There was no direct transfer chat at the presser today but you certainly got the impression that JG will be glad to see the back of 10-11 players who he has told are leaving. He sounded very confident in quality players coming in so I’m a tad more optimistic we may actually see one or two players announced next week.
  8. Looks like it will be same squad as Wednesday. Goodwin was certainly full of praise for Alnwick, Ronan and Shaugnessey at his presser today.
  9. Need to remember that our absolute clusterfuck of a season will also play a part in what we can value players at or will be willing to accept for players. What given right have we to demand 5–10 million for any of our players when we are 10th in the league… All things considered at this moment in time, 3.5million for Ferguson would represent a very good deal for us imo.
  10. Ram tubulars will be on the back of the shirts next season..
  11. There was quite a big article about him in what I think was a local irish paper a month or two ago. Can’t remember if there was direct quotes from him but it definitely gave the impression that he had no intention of coming back to Aberdeen.
  12. Was he caught out of position on the wing ?
  13. Unconfirmed posts on twitter that he was seen on a flight departing Aberdeen this am.
  14. Has apparently left the building…. Ruth up front for last 2 games ?
  15. Not sure if it’s the case but Adidas used to have a hierarchy of clubs they supplied kit to. The elite clubs then B and C clubs. We are a B club that will use the Adidas Miteam templates and graphics. ( anyone can design their own Adidas strip on the MI team app ). This years B teams are apparently using the MI licence 22 template so would our home kit is likely to be a red variation of that. I would imagine that it will be released end of month once the saltire deal expires.
  16. In two minds about this. Great if we can get a couple of decent players in on loan but the way the modern game is going in general thoroughly depresses me. We will be just one of 15 clubs to be used by Juve. Unbelievable that they have 120 players across their first team and under 23 sides. 43 of which are currently loaned out.
  17. We have a manager who has inherited somebody else’s squad. A large number who have already been told their services are no longer required and have downed tools. I’m hearing your concerns but I’m not judging Goodwin until he has the majority of his own players in. Also, if you think we have pull over the majority of other teams in the league at the moment then your are deluded. Our “recruitment team” have struggled in the past when we have been 3rd to get the players in we have wanted. . A few on here have derided the fact that we were taking to the boy Forrest. Regardless of how shite folk may think he is, there’s a very strong chance he will sign for Hearts. I’m praying that by casting our net a bit further that we can unearth a few gems from foreign markets.
  18. Allan Preston on open all mikes said we are are talking to Forrest from livi as are Hearts and a couple of other clubs
  19. Nice mock up but they have used the same template as this seasons. Wont be this.
  20. Goodwin hopeful that there will be positive transfer news in next couple of weeks. Said recruitment team working through lists of players and talking to agents. He said that he calls them at 7.30am every day to ask if they have good news for him. Said that all out of contract players have been told to find clubs or had been offered new deals. Repeated what he said last week about Ramirez but did say he was upset when Glass left. Gave no impression that there were any players signed on pre contracts. When asked what areas of pitch he wants to strengthen he immediately said defence and goalkeepe but then quickly also said hoping to strengthen all areas of pitch.
  21. Not directly from the clubby book. We are an Adidas B team I think so although they will be based on a template it will be a bespoke mi design
  22. Big game for McKenna tonight. Would like to see Forest go up although if they do then I would imagine they would want to keep their squad together and will be reluctant to sell him.
  23. Should be getting released in next few week or two. Wonder if adidas will go retro and base the design on the 82-83 kit especially with the 40th anniversary next season.
  24. Other than the alleged interest from the Italian team I don’t there has really been any other rumoured interest in him yet Still 2 years left on contract so would like to think we could still get 2-3million for him.
  25. Shouldn’t it be the price we are willing to sell him at ? He’s still under contract for another couple of years and our asset to sell. We can always turn these offers down and keep him. Difficult one for the club. Although I think 3m is 1m light it’s still a lot of cash for a club of our size.
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